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  • 2022-08-11 OIMT Meeting notes
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    • Action item status
  • Multi-pointed Media Channel
  • MEF document
  • Update to ControlTask document
  • Temporal draft document 2nd review
  • OAM draft document overview
  • AOB

Discussion items








Action items completed

  • Nigel Davis   Review draft streaming document material (part of TR-512.8) (T65)
  • Nigel Davis   Assemble basic draft document material for streaming (part of TR-512.8).
  • Nigel Davis  Make corrections to the streaming model as discussed   including

Action items discussed

  • Nigel Davis  Andrea Mazzini  Review first draft of skeleton OAM document and determine whether content can be partitioned between AM and ND. Aim for 1.6 release. (TR-512.9) (T5)
  • Nigel Davis  Provide a skeleton document as described in oimt2021.ND.005_OAM.pptx that sets out the rationale for use of existing FC and LTP to represent OAM entities. Note that the action "Nigel Davis   Early draft of OAM document using existing model and explaining key features that enable it to be used for OAM, then projecting this model towards a TAPI-like solution. Action item from 2021-09-23 OIMT Meeting notesis covered by this action.
  • Nigel Davis    Review draft Temporal Expression document. (TR-512.18) (T73) Note that the action "Nigel Davis   Draft temporal expression document" is covered by this action.

Action items re-dated 

Re-dated according to the review plan. See the call plan below for the document review plan 


Update to TR512.A.4 for Multi-pointed Media Channels

CH's comment after the call (2022-08-14): oimt2022.MB.002-TR-512.A.4_point-to-multipoint_update_CH-Cmt.msg

 MEF document

MEF document

  • CH brought to our attention the MEF Working Draft : MEF W95.0.1 "Amendment to MEF 95: Policy Driven Orchestration" (S82034_001_MEF_95.0.1_LB_Wolfe.pdf)
    • AM: Didn't follow this MEF work. No proposal in MEF to impost policy on Presto to use this work (Atomic / Composite ) 
    • No action in OIMT with respect to this MEF work at the moment. 
    • Might consider to liaise the Task work to MEF

Update to ControlTask

Updates done to the ControlTask document oimt2022.ND.007_TR-512.8_OnfCoreIm-Control.docx

  • ND ran through the changes to Section 6 "Providing information" of oimt2022.ND.007_TR-512.8_OnfCoreIm-Control.docx
    • Added attributes to the model from TAPI
    • CH: Might be worth to add block disagram in the document to set the context of the section 
    • ND: Could add block diagrams at the beginning of section 6, such as ControlPort
    • New 6.1 is to explain why have operation/notification (signal) in object classes 
  • Added text for subsections of 6.6,
  • Text updates to sections 6.10 Constraint form, 6.11 Lifecycle
  • Added the Provider component to the diagram. Will expand on it.
  • Aim to finish the update next week and to have review in 2 to 3 weeks.

Temporal Expression 

Temporal Expression draft document 2nd review

  • oimt2022.ND.006_TR-512.18_OnfCoreIm-TemporalExpression.docx posted
  • ND ran through the updates in the document
  • Have added description to all the classes
  • Haven't add the trival references to the referred entities
  • Completed the model up to the data type & enum level
  • Section 3.4 Further detail
    • Kam to reveiw the 3.4.1 table PeriodDuration intersection
  • Section 4:
    • To add examples to explain the model, 
    • To add instance diagram from pptx/model and reveiw minutes for notes on other instance diagrams
    • CH: Need not be complex diagrams, just to explain the key points; block diagrams are okay too
  • Section 5: Using the model
    • Didn't discuss in detail before
    • Could be reviewed now as it is.

OAM documentND, AM

OAM draft document overview

  • TR512.9
  • The bullets will be expanded with text.
      • Will discuss Cost/value. It could be quite complex.
    • Aim to deliver in the time frame of v1.6
  • AM: There is an effort in MEF for the specification of requirements and use cases of service OAM; has reviewed the document; there is an interesting one called passive measurement, which are counts of measurement not directly related to services, similar to the measure on NEP in TAPI today. They call it passive because it is neither physical control to the management interface nor an explicit relationship to service.  
0 minNext calls

Individual's vacation plan: MB (August 11-31; Sept 19-30), AM (August 15-19), KL (August 22-26; Sept 19-Oct 12) 

  • Meeting planning proposal (where each meeting will deal with the corresponding actions (with the date of the meeting)):
      • ControlTask document overview
      • Spec document draft overview
      • Equipment discussion/resolution and preparation for delivery of document
    • //
      • Validate progress and plan model and documentation development
        • Review all relevant minutes/action resolution and draft document progress against plan including
          • Streaming (T65)
          • Task (T57)
          • Equipment (T8a)
          • Temporal (T73)
          • Spec (T56)
          • OAM (T5)
          • Aggregate (T64b)
          • Views/Context (11b)
            • TR-512.A.15 (and corresponding TR-512.8)
            • This includes some aspects of controller zero trust (T78)
        • Consider progress on and plan for delivery of
          • Compute and storage (T36)
          • Media multipoint addition to .A.4 (T77)
        • Construct detailed action plan for delivery on target date  
      •  Review draft streaming document material (part of TR-512.8).
  • At each meeting we should check that we are on track for the planned items

Future calls agenda items for consideration

  • TIP/MUST papers (CH, ND)
  • Catalog / inventory storage application (CH, ND)
  • IETF work on physical inventory model (ND)
  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • Finalize the write up on Multi-point Media Channel (later call) (Candidate for v1.6)
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 
  • Leo on location model

Action items