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  • 2022-06-30 Meeting notes
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  • Admin
    • Deliverable plan of v1.6
    • Next vF2F meeting
  • Discuss Equipment model
  • Discuss Task terminologies
  • Discuss Simplified Spec
    • Including IETF/IEFF w.r.t. simplified Spec 
    • DSR NEP spec with 4 bidirectional ports
    • Combinatorial rules for LP options
    • Pruned spec model
    • Discuss RUST
  • AOB

Discussion items





10 minAdminAll

v1.6 Deliverable plan

  • Nigel Davis Malcolm Betts  Provide the write-up for Controlleer zero-trust hardening  (TR-512.A.15) (T78)
  • Nigel Davis Malcolm Betts  Provide the write-up for the View/Context work (TR-512.8) (T11a)
  • Nigel Davis  Andrea Mazzini  Review first draft of skeleton OAM document and determine whether content can be partitioned between AM and ND. Aim for 1.6 release. (TR-512.9) (T5)
  • Nigel Davis  Review draft Compute model document. (TR-512.15, TR-512.16, TR-512.A.1) (T36)
  • Nigel Davis Review simplied Spec documentation (TR-512.7) (T56)
  • Nigel Davis  Review draft streaming document material (part of TR-512.8) (T65)
  • Nigel Davis    Review draft Temporal Expression document. (TR-512.18) (T73) Note that the action "Nigel Davis   Draft temporal expression document" is covered by this action.
  • Malcolm Betts Review Media multipoint documentation. (TR-512.A.4) (T77)
  • Hing-Kam Lam Nigel Davis Review Equipment documentation (TR-512.6) (T8a)
  • Nigel Davis TR-512 v1.6 Deliver

Next vF2F meeting

  •  November 1 - 3 (Tentative)

Equipment modelKL/ND

Equipment model

  • Recap: Things we want to cover in the Equipment model
    • Equipment property specification, which is also part of the general spec model
    • Physical strand joint property. Raised in progressing the TAPI physical span model
      • TAPI physical strand joint property.
        • A lot of focus on optical impairment that didn't have good representation.
        • The joint. It could be via a connector or the strand can be spliced together. It is a point of weakness and reflection.
        • Fiber types. 
      • To extend the equipment model toward the physical space.
        • Could look at Chris' connector-pin-strand contribution (which updated to the TMF work). 
          • Lightweight model to augment the TAPI model
  • Two pieces
    1. Physical property model/spec
      • Common model/pattern for all/most specific physical properties, covering configurating, monitoring, reading, thresholding, alerting/alarming, reporting, recording, ...
        • Allow simplified application via folding away un-needed stuff
        • Applicable to specific properties, such as temperature, pressure, electric power, etc.
    2. Physical strand joint property model

Leo & CH commented on the  complexity of the model, many experimental material, and type invariant v instance invariant.

Focus on core model parts (Equipment and Holder) and relegate any experimental material to remove the tangle and ensure clear focus of the document.

Task terminologiesND

Task terminologies

Simplified Spec

Discuss Simplified Spec


  • RUST: Chris ran through
    • Algebraic data types (ADTs) 
    • Application: complex return types
    • Application: d-hoc data structures
    • Example: JSON
  • Nigel shared
    • Layout in JSONized YANG form
      • To do next, layout in JSONized YANG form, give another update next week
  • IETF/IEFF w.r.t. simplified Spec 
  • DSR NEP spec with 4 bidirectional ports
  • Combinatorial rules for LP options
  • Pruned spec model
  • Discuss RUST
55 minAction item


Action items completed

Action items discussed

Action items re-dated 

0 minNext calls


  • Meeting planning proposal (where each meeting will deal with the corresponding actions (with the date of the meeting)):
      • Equipment meeting
      • Discuss simplified Spec
        • Including IETF/IEFF w.r.t. simplified Spec 
        • DSR NEP spec with 4 bidirectional ports
        • Combinatorial rules for LP options
        • Pruned spec model
        • Discuss RUST
      • Discuss Task terminologies
      • Aggregate application to LTP (ND, MS)
      • Overview of Control Task documentation
      • OAM draft document review
      • Temporal draft document review
      • Equipment discussion/resolution and preparation for delivery of document
      • Validate progress and plan model and documentation development
        • Review all relevant minutes/action resolution and draft document progress against plan including
          • Streaming (T65)
          • Task (T57)
          • Equipment (T8a)
          • Temporal (T73)
          • Spec (T56)
          • OAM (T5)
          • Aggregate (T64b)
          • Views/Context (11b)
            • TR-512.A.15 (and corresponding TR-512.8)
            • This includes some aspects of controller zero trust (T78)
        • Consider progress on and plan for delivery of
          • Compute and storage (T36)
          • Media multipoint addition to .A.4 (T77)
        • Construct detailed action plan for delivery on target date  
      •  Review draft streaming document material (part of TR-512.8).
  • At each meeting we should check that we are on track for the planned items

Future calls agenda items for consideration

  • TIP/MUST papers (CH, ND)
  • Catalog / inventory storage application (CH, ND)
  • IETF work on physical inventory model (ND)
  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • Finalize the write up on Multi-point Media Channel (later call) (Candidate for v1.6)
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 
  • Leo on location model

Action items