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  • 2022-01-06 OIMT Meeting notes




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  • Action item status (ALL)
  • Discuss the  action items: 
  • Briefing on the control model off-line discussion (ND, MB)
  • Equipment property modeling - To change from composite to decorate. (KL, ND)
  • TAPI and Wireless transport: Moving away from simple packaging (ND) 
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Discussion items





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External SDO Liaison

  • ITU-T SG15 plenary meeting Dec. 6-17, 2021
    • Consented control architecture recommendations:
      • Revision to G.7701 Common control aspects
      • Revision to G.7702 Architecture for SDN control of transport networks
    • Consented IM/DM recommendations:
      • Revision to G.7711 Generic protocol-neutral information model for transport resources
      • Amendment to G.7712 Architecture and specification of data communication network
      • New G.7721.1 Data models for synchronization management
    • Liaision statements to ONF:
      • SG15-LS347: LS on Management and control architecture Recommendations 
      • SG15-LS352: LS on Coordination of information and data modelling work
  • Next SG15 plenary meeting: September 19-30, 2022
  • Q12/15 and Q14/15 Interregnum activities
    • Q12 & Q14 on G.7703, MC LL study points, and other topics; with e-meetings 
      • NOTE: Will discuss the ONF OIMT TR-512.A.15 (Controller Lifecycle and Security) and TR-512.17 (States) in its Feb. 22 & 24 e-meetings.
    • Q14 on IM/DM coordination; with e-meetings; SDOs (including ONF) are invited
    • Q14 on MC requirements, IM, and operation 
    • Q14 on Transport management, ETH, MPLS-TP, & MTN modeling
    • Q14 on Transport management, OTN and Media modeling

OIMT 2022 Vitrual F2F in 2022. 

10 minAction itemsAll


Actions completed

Re-dated items

The following are proposed dates for the past actions. The action list has been updated to reflect this. The actions can be reverted/adjusted as necessary. Only actions that have been moved are listed.

Note that now provided in the bullet under each action item is the link to the source minutes that created the action item.

  • Nigel Davis  Draft temporal expression document
  minControl modelND, MB

Briefing on the control model off-line discussion

Nigel reported that he and Malcolm had an exporatory dicussion on the control model. Started from a broad scope, then identified the areas to be focussed on.  Agreed on the list of headings with bullet items within each. Wil have another off-line discussion next week.

  minEquipment modelKL, ND

Equipment property modeling - To change from composite to decorate.

Reason of changing from composite to decorate:

  • Many equipment properties depend on the equipment type. Such as conditionality, present or not, full/partial range, threshold strategy, etc.. These properties could not be determined at the model design stage. Thus, these properties should not simply be modeled by using the composition approach (as currently shown in v1.5,  although they are marked as Expperimental). 
  • Consider using the Spec approach to decorate the base classes (Equipment, Holder and ManufacturedThing) with the relevant properties.


 2 minNext calls


  • Discuss the  action items
  • Review IETF/IEEE documents and CH slides and merge as appropriate into simplified spec. (ND)


  • Create DDD Aggregate profile and experiment with application of the profile to the core model.
  • TAPI and Wireless transport: Moving away from simple packaging

Future calls agenda items

  • TIP/MUST papers (CH, ND)
  • Catalog / inventory storage application (CH, ND)
  • MEF W130 device physical & environmental specification. OIMT may need to engage MEF on that. (CH)
  • IETF work on physical inventory model (ND)
  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • Finalize the write up on Multi-point Media Channel (later call) (Candidate for v1.6)
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)
  • YANG augmenting 
  • Leo on location model

Action items