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  • 2021-06-24 OIMT Meeting notes





  • Admin (5 min max)
  • Review TR-512.2 draft from Nigel
  • Review Negotiation updates from Nigel
  • Review Control model updates from Malcolm 
  • Review the initial write up of TR-512.17 from Malcolm (Not discussed)
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minAdministrativeKam/Nigel
35 minTR-512.2 v1.5 draftNigel

Review TR-512.2 "Forwarding and Termination" v1.5 draft from Nigel

  • Nigel reported on the progress of restructuring the TR-512 UML model
  • Now the model is using Papyrus 2019.06.
  • Some Papyrus & Gendoc issues to be resolved.
  • Aim to resolve the issues by next week.
  • Showed the structure of the CoreNetworkModel (TR-512.2) 
  • Will try to push into public Git
  • The model is the same, just repackaging.
20 minControl modelNigel & Malcolm

Nigel presented more details and updates on Negotiation consideration

Malcolm noted the updates on the control model

0 minTR-512.17 draft Malcolm

Malcolm to present the updated draft of TR-512.17 "Foundation (States)oimt2021.MB.001-draft-TR-512.17.docx (version 2) - deferred to next week

5 minNext calls

 Planned agenda items

  • Review draft new TR-512.17 (Malcolm)
  • Review initial draft of new TR-512.A.15 (Nigel)

Future call agenda items

  • RBAC vs ABAC (June 2021 F2F meeting Tue 1.2 ) 
  • Finalize the write up on Multi-point Media Channel (later call)
  • To recap the previous OIMT discussion on synchronization management IM (later call)

Action items