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  • 2021-03-26 IISOMI Meeting notes
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  • UML → YANG mapping issues and enhancements
    • List provided by Q14/15
    • Management of possible dedicated branch where to store new versions (UML → YANG Tool release process)
      • Set up a dedicated call in a couple of weeks
    • Reference printing - fixed in Scott's version of the tool
    • Finalize discussion on xmi2yang support of ExtendedComposite, StrictComposite
    • Check enumerations not following guidelines
  • Papyrus 5.0.0 Version
    • Justification (Model2Doc analyses)
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB

Discussion items






15 minCall planAll

 Leader Scott Mansfield

 Canceled (Good Friday)

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam

 Canceled (ITU-T SG15 meeting)

 Canceled (ITU-T SG15 meeting)

 Leader Andrea Mazzini

 Leader Scott Mansfield(Bernd Zeuneris not available)

230 min

IISOMI Action Items needs care

The list has been filtered to action items from 2019 onwards.
Task list markers have been removed from non action items.

Issue: Many actions items appear several times. How to solve this?

  • All : Check their open action items for duplicates and remove the duplicates

Actions items should always be closed with a comment describing the result

Scott Mansfield : Check if Confluence provides an action item management function (Action closed, new action for Jira created)

  • Scott Mansfield Contact ONF about configuring a Jira for IISOMI
320 minPapyrus-Model2Doc featureScott Mansfield

Scott Mansfield presented the Model2Doc feature from Papyrus

  • still in pre-release state
  • need to install Model2Doc tool integrated into Eclipse 2021-03 (nightly build) and Papyrus 5.1 (nightly) and Model2Doc (0.8.0 nightly)
  • requires Java version greater than 11
  • creates Word files
  • need to check if Model2Doc provides at least the functionality of Gendoc
  • Gendoc does not work with newer Papyrus versions
  • Further investigation is required

 : Work continues to create a model2doc template that produces the same material as the gendoc template (class/attribute/datatype/stereotype etc.)

65 minAgenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
  • Confluence action item management function 
  • Handling of the UML → YANG Mapping Tool in GitHub - Still TBD
  • Papyrus-Model2Doc further investigations?
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB

Action items

IISOMI Action Items