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  • 2021-03-11 OIMT Meeting notes




  • Administrative 
  • Review of writeup on multi-point MC restriction/rules (deferred to later call)
  • Feedback on TR-512.17
  • Equipment (deferred to later call)
  • Control model (deferred to later call

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5 minAdministrativeKam/Nigel

Daylight Saving Time

40 minTR-512.17Malcolm

TR-512.17 Foundation (State) oimt2021.MB.001-draft-TR-512.17.docx 

Leo Feedback discussion

  • Would prefer not to mix lifecycle state with ownership
    • The states 'planned', 'installed' and 'pending removal' should be sufficient for lifecycle.
  • The state of a resource now depends on who's asking for it.
    • The state the dependent abstration should record: Will have to record that of  the current owner.
      • If there's a request for the state, the dependent abstraction will have to check who's asking before filling in a value in it's reply.
  • Ownership with reservation (a valid use case)
    • It becomes even more complex if we want to express all of it through lifecycle state.
  • Propose to express ownership by using a separate attribute, which include a temporal expression to record future reservation.  
  • Textual comment: PLANNED and POTENTIAL_PLANNED are duplicates.

MB: In resource sharing, complexity is unavoidable. 

ND: In principle, each user role has a dedicated Explosure Context and its own view, including the temporal aspect.

MB: State coordination is done by the local controller. It then provides different views/states to each of the clients who share the resource.

MB, ND: Owner of the resource: Once the resource is allocated to a client, it is that client owns the resource.

Add temporal  to the potential-available & potential-busy states.

AM: The term "Lifecycle state" may be misleading. Maybe "Assignment state" is a more appropriate term.

Assignment state/control for shared resources?

Lifecycle for non-shared resources?

Applications: planning (assignment), maintenance  (operational state), 

Chris Feedback

A marked up version of the document has been sent directly to Malcolm.

Mostly editorial (e.g., should use all cap literal for enum state values) and typo fixing. 

1 minNext calls

 Planned agenda items

  • Review write-up on MC restrictio/rule
  • Equipment
  • Control model

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