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  • 2021-01-22 IISOMI Meeting Notes
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  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • UML → YANG mapping issues
  • Eagle UML → Yang tool 
    • UML → YANG Tool release process
    • Appropriate version of the tool for deliverable generation
  • Papyrus 5.0.0 Version
    • Justification
  • Gendoc
    • Gendoc failure on exporting special multiplicities
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB

Discussion items






15 minCall planAll

Leader Hing-Kam Lam

Leader Bernd Zeuner (Not available: Andrea)

 Leader Andrea Mazzini

 Leader Hing-Kam Lam


215  minUML→ YANG mapping issuesAll


  • Italo aims to summarize the issues for discussion soon


  • Scott has looked at the code. Initial impression is that it is not simple to maintain or restructure the code or rewritten in different language. Currently it is written in JAVA script and using some XSLT tool. The size of the code is in the order of several thousand lines.
  • Scott suggested to rewrite in a different language
  • We will try to add the capability of translating the Reference stereotype. The missing of translating the reference stereotype causes huge effort to manually add the references in the output YANG.
  • Andrea noted the need of extrating the references from the model (action for Bernd) and generating the references in the GenDoc output.
  • The latest code is at But there is a pending pull request from Karthik at, which should be looked at first. Scott will follow up with Karthik.
3 0 minEagle UML → Yang tool release


Not discussed
425  minPapyrus VersionAll

Bernd Zeuner presented the updated Papyrus Releases page. Papyrus 5.0.0 is now published.
Need still to check if Papyrus 5.0.0 provides relevant advantages to justify the move to this version.

Papyrus version review information:

  • Papyrus 4.2 will provide improvements on the following topics:
    • Diagram: improve sequence diagram combined fragment + observation and general ordering+ duration link+ ordered fragments.
    • Toolsmith tool: improve of a Facet customization.
    • CDO:
      • Papyrus server with H2 has been added.
      • Integration of UML CDO in progress (inside collaborative modeling git)
    • Xtext: bug fixes.
    • Bug performance fixed with applied profile.
    • Profile Migration tool fixed
    • AF bug fix validation of AF and loading inside papyrus
    • Change about extension creation during profil design
    • The org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors plugin is called org.eclipse.papyrusinfra.gmfdiag.extensionpoints.editors
      • org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors is deprecated
    • Add text-filter and an History widget in dialog box.

  • Papyrus 4.3 will provide improvements on the following topics:
    • Diagram: clean some code that was not used anymore
    • Sequence diagram fix problem about fragment ordering
    • CDO:
      • add benchmark code for
      • add aa way to add and edit easily CDO User

  • Papyrus has for the version 4.4:
    • SysML1.6 (details omitted)
    • Papyrus toolsmith
      • validation of plugins:
        • you have done your profile to customize papyrus, but you forget extension point, build.xml, dependencies. We have done a work not only to validate profile but the plugin that contains the profile
        • the work has also be done for plugins that contain elementTypes model.
    • Improve developer experience to use plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core.sasheditor
      • Decrease the usage of internal elcipse code
        • Papyrus has developed at the beginning a new kind of editor compnoent sasheditor. To be more stable, we have ask to open api to eclipse in order to improve integration to eclipse.
      • Dedicated API have been created from use cases in order to help developer to access to this graphical composite; add a new editor inside papyrus, get active editor...
        • These usecases will be published inside a plugin developer doc:
          • It is will be like a javadoc that has a list of use cases and references API that implement these usecases.
    • Model2Doc
      • Papyrus will provide a documentation generator targeting LibreOffice file (odt).
      • This generator will allow to the user to describe how to cross the UML model to create the document
      • This generator will allow to the user to define a document template to use for the generation
      • This generator will support image and table insertion.

  • Papyrus has for the version 4.5:
    • Improve ElementType framework configuration usage
      • Analysis the performance of the ElementType creation command.
        • ElementType performance is already optimized while lasting at last only 1.5 to 2 times longer than UML plain commands while providing the advanced customization facilities.
      • All Helpers and Advices have been reviewed in order to validate their behavior. Everything is ok.
      • Use cases of the ElementType framework have been reversed and formalized in order to be able soon to provide a detailed documentation. First use case description committed can be found in the plug-in plug-in to unregister a helper advices.
    • Diagram editor improvement
      • Correction of bugs in the sequence diagram editor.
      • Improvement of Activity Diagram editor UX (drop strategy, and major bugs have been fixed).
    • Property view improvement
      • Fix minor property view for elements.
      • Manage the stereotypes properties with SetStereotypeValueRequest instead of SetRequest for the properties view. With this, we can use element types of stereotype properties.
      • Add new tests on DataBinding elements in order to increase code coverage.
    • Add New Example Models
      • User example models now can be created by the menu example.
    • Improve ModelToDoc feature (Model2Doc?)
      • Create the version 0.7.0.
      • Modification of menus.
      • New possibility to generate a document in one step.
      • Documentation has been written.
      • A rich example and an empty template have been provided to the user.
    • Other topics
      • Modification of resource notification for save in order manage save of big models.

  • Papyrus has for the version 4.6:
    • Improve documentation of Papyrus
      • Documentations that were on website wiki are now inside the documentation plug-in
        • Restructuration of the docummentation has been added on the project backlog.
    • Improve Model2doc of Papyrus
      • Model2Doc shall provides means to add a caption for a figure
      • Model2Doc shall generate a table of figures
      • A Model shall be able to be saved without unessary changes (the notation file has bad modifications)
    • Bugs fix
      • Fix Papyrus JUnit tests timeout due to the new AF on the table editor framework
      • Bug fix about copy of stereotype application

  • Papyrus has seen the following changes for the version 4.7:
    • Improve Papyrus Documentation:
      • Improve existing Papyrus table documentation to explain how to override displayed labels.
    • Improve Papyrus Tables:
      • Tool to easily register an existing tableconfiguration file into an existing architecture file.
      • Add editors to allow the creation of elements using the ElementTypes framework.
      • Add support for cell editors displayed with one or several buttons.
      • Add support for an empty line in the table (but there is no way to get empty lines for the user in the provided tables).
    • Bugs fixes:
      • Patch a selection problem in the Sequence diagram after adding Found Messages.
      • Patch SWT exceptions due to mishandled reload listeners in the model explorer coupled with bad widget focus.

  • Papyrus 4.8 contains bug fixes
    • Table editor:
      • management of empty row
      • performance improvement
    • State diagrams:
      • fix creation of regions
    • Activity diagrams
      • improve reactivity during creation of a link betwen nodes

  • Papyrus 5.0 contains new features:
    • it is now possible to associate a set of customization of the model explorer to the architecture framework.

A huge job has been done to remove all re-exports on dependencies.
Now papyrus 5.0 compiles on Java11.
Note that all the relative: Sysml 1.4, 1.6, Moka, designer... have also been reworked to be compatible with work on re-exports and on Java11.

510 min



Gendoc failure on exporting special multiplicities (other than )

Bernd tried cases 4 and 3..5. Results

  • 4 → 1
  • 4..4 → 1
  • 3..5 → 3..5

After checking the Gendoc script, it was realized that the script is wrongly coded:

The "1" should be changed to [p.lower]

Conclusion: The problem is not a Gendoc problem. It is a coding error.

6 5 minAgenda of next callAll
  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader)
  • UML → YANG mapping issues
  • Eagle UML → Yang tool 
    • Analyse the current code for the possibility of mapping the references
    • Look at the generation of references in GenDoc
    • UML → YANG Tool release process
    • Appropriate version of the tool for deliverable generation
  • Papyrus 5.0.0 Version
    • Justification
  • Agenda of next call
  • AOB

Action items