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  • 2020-10-15 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Administrative
    • Virtual face to face
    • MTN (MB)

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Virtual face-to-face meeting planning

SG15 update on Media, MTN and coordination of Ethernet (Ethernet covered last week) see oimt2020.MB.002-SG15-September-update.pptx 

  • Definition of frequency slot changed, got rid of all tie back to flexible grid (ONF is already aligned)
  • Reference point between digital client and modulator which is essentially DSR.
  • Media layer clarifications
  • Restructuring of G.807 but no changes to semantics
  • G.876 supplement discussion on modelling considerations for optical media network. This material is from TR-512.A.4 (extracted from G.7711). There is a strong drive to introduce the spec model.
  • G.872 rate additions and OTUCn into FlexO - implications for TAPI potentially 
  • FlexOsec encryption and implication for Core and TAPI
  • Nigel DavisAdd FlexOsec to virtual face to face agenda.
  • Sub 1G clients over OTN (e.g., VC4 and VC12)

  • MTN
    • Built on Flex E shim
    • May have protection in the MTN path layer (G.8331)
    • Pre-standard based on China Mobile spec
  • Flex E bonding used
  • No implications for the Core but may want examples
  • TAPI will need need more augments for MTN
  • Malcolm BettsStephen Shew , Hing-Kam Lam Alert ONF team when we need to take action

Next calls
    • Virtual meeting planning: topics and dates

Action items