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  • 2020-06-18 OIMT Meeting notes
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    • Action items & Forward planning
  • Security tasks
  • Review bridge examples updates and discuss next step on TR-512.A.6 update

Discussion items







Action items of the April 13-17 vMeeting and forward planning

  • Temporal contribution posted 
Security taskAll

Planning & Work Items

  • Reviewed security tasks
  • #74 security audit added
  • Brief description added
    • #71 Security Authentication: Include identity management (#41)
    • #72 Security Non-repudiation: Streaming (#65), when used for auditing, needs non-repudiation
    • #74 Security Audit: Streaming (#65) can be used to support auditing
Bridge examplesKamIEEE Bridges representation oimt2020.KL.005_ieee-bridge-representation.pptx
  • Kam reported on the updates maded (based on feedback from the 6/4 call)
    • He noted that the tags in the layer stack of each port are yet to be verified
  • Update made in the discussion
    • In the direct-station-station (slide 6) and End-End (slide 7) cases, replaced BP with Client traffic and removed annotation of Control plane and Data plane
  • Briefly reviewed sections 3 and 4 of TR-512.A.6 (Packet Switched Examples) for revision
    • Should re-organize the current material and also update the content
    • Section 3 will be Ethernet devices examples using the bridge examples from oimt2020.KL.005
    • Section 4 will be Ethernet transport option examples, including SDH over Ethernet, Ethernet over SDH, Ethernet over MPLS-TP
Next calls

Action items