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  • 2020-05-28 OIMT Meeting notes
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    • Status of Action items
  • Ethernet examples

Discussion items






  • Request of Technical contact on Developer Assist (DA)
  • Status of action items
    •  Work item action owner to check & consolidate the action items from the April 13-17 vMeeting into task description wiki
    • Nigel reported that has moved the Streaming (slot 1.2.a) related action items to Task 65 Streaming
Ethernet examples
  • IEEE Bridges in ITU-T style representation
    • Kam reported on the updates in oimt2020.KL.005_ieee-bridge-representation.pptx based on the feedback from the 5/21 call
      • In slide 2 (IEEE 802.1D and 802.1Q bridge figure: representation in ITU-T style functional construct), clarified that there is filter function in the ETH TTP
      • In slide 5 (IEEE 802.1D bridge: representation in IM artifact), allowed combination of CTP options.
        • Discussion occurred mostly on how to represent the termination and/or forwarding of MAC frames. Accorging to the G.8010 Figure II.1, there could be
          • directly flow between the ETY TTP and ETH TTP, 
          • direct flow between the ETY TTP and ETH CTP and further with the FD to peer ETH CTP 
      • Slide 8 (Q-in-Q), highlight the CEP, PEP+CNP; and note the cardinality relationship
      • Slide 10 (PEB) and slide 11, move the position of the the S-component ETH TTP to below the ETH CTP
Next calls
    • Review of Action items from vMeeting
    • Forward planning
    • Authorization control (20 min)

Action items