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  • 2020-05-14 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Nigel DAVIS


  • Recap of TAPI virtual meeting last week

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  • Request of Technical contact on Developer Assist (DA)

TAPI meeting recap
  • Andrea gave a recap of last week's TAPI virtual meeting
    • The agenda and minutes is at: 2020-05-04 / 08 TAPI Virtual Meeting Agenda and Notes
    • Good attendence, 5 full days, 6 hours per day
    • The focus was on the Reference Implementation, Related TAPI releases, Way forward in near term for 2.1.4 and 2.x (edge, next major release)
    • Reference Implementation discussion continued this week; Just missing only 1 or 2 items; they can be closed next week. This is an important document for requirements & use cases for deployment in multilayer environment, OTN reach capability, optical layer convertion, optical line system, on media channel and spectrum rather than the signal.
    • Release plan has been updated in the wiki page "TAPI Roadmap".
      • 2.1.4, for next version of the RI, main new content will be ODU OAM.
      • Next major release 2.x.
      • Release 2.1.3 is in RC, almost complete; main new feature is the Equipment model
    • Way forward: one major item is alignment to IETF topology, not backward compatible, not there yet, 
    • Full Equipment model, in 2.1.3, relationship between the logical view and equipment view
    • Path computation, current structure of the model has some missing items and some inconsistency, additional features
    • ODU OAM: will apply the same pattern of MEP & MIP for OTN, need photonic probable causes, will be discussed next week
    • Multilayer capability: consolidate the photonic model, fundamental part is already there in the model, related to core, ML capability such as supported rates and type, value combination, flexibility allowed or not allowed, feasibility of provisioning; aim for 2.1.4 and next version of the reference implementation.
    • Control model: Will be in next reference implementation
      • MB: Should think about to model the communication interface to the controller. Also need to represent different views in the same (client) context. Require more work in the Core model
      • AM: systematic approach is necessary,
    • Core model v2.x was not discussed in the TAPI virtual meeting;  

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