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  • 2020-04-03 IISOMI Meeting Minutes
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| 6am PDT | 9am EDT | 13:00 UTC | 2pm WEST | 15:00 CEST | 



  • Administrative
    • Call plan (schedule, leader, topics)
  • Explore easy uml diagram drawing (not uml modeling) tool
  • AOB

Discussion items





5 minCall planAll
  •  Leader Martin Skorupski
  •  Skip
  •  Leader Bernd Zeuner
  •  Leader Nigel Davis
  •  Leader ??? (a public holiday in Germany)
  •  Leader ??? 

3 minVirtual F2F

Zoom link for virtual F2F - 

Decision: we use the existing one and "ignore" new proposed one.

Soposed to be an open call. 

Kam sends clarification email (wink) Thanks!

30 minReminderAll  
  •  Scott Mansfield To present the YUMA123 platform (client/server development platform) in one of the next calls - moved to Apr17
  • Karthik Sethuraman : Create a separate wiki page for the action items and link this page to all meeting minutes
    Link to the wiki: IISOMI Action Items
    Action items should be used only for real action items
    Create an "action  item" list only - to complex 
    Result: create action item in meeting notes but don't use it for meeting leaders check minutes 2020-02-13.

  • Conditional associations: Guidelines need to be updated
    (somehow between Hing-Kam Lamand Bernd Zeuner)
  • Conditional associations: Tool needs to be enhanced 
    (open - first spec updates required)
10minUML Modelling guidelines

related to minutes from 2020-02-28 item 6

Decision: UML names (object classes, parameters, ...) must not start with a number (0..9)

  •  Bernd Zeuner Please update UML Modelling guidelines.

Some discussion to solve attribute/association representation in Papyrus

  • Hing-Kam Lam : Check "crazy" association with mars version.
    • Finding: 
      • Finding of checking the _crazy_ association.msg
      • What we saw of the “shared aggregation” of CurrentData at the ThresholdProfile was an unintended change when creating the v0.14 of the draft G.8052.1 model. It was probably caused by accidentally moving the mouse over the Aggregation field of the Properties pane and altered the aggregation setting from “none” to “shared”.

        The actual association is like the following in G.8052.1 v0.13 (TD521R1/WP3 Feb. 2020) and also in the base G.8052 since many years ago. It was so at least since v2 of G.8052 (2016).
      • Also, the Navigation is “false” for the Member End “associatedCurrentData”. That means the ThresholdProfileAssociatedToCurrentData association is unidirectional navigable. That is, not bidirectional.
5minUML-to-YANG tool

How to go forward with the tools: UML to YANG (Xing), YANG to UML

Answer: "good question ;(" 

  •  Martin Skorupski report about the discussion with operators and O-RAN Alliance
5 minAgenda of next callAll

Call plan for :

  • Scott Mansfield To present the YUMA123 platform (client/server development platform) in one of the next calls - moved to Apr17

OPEN ACTION ITEMS from previous notesAllTo be filled

Action items