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  • 2020-02-13 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Administrative
    • Liaison from TMF
    • ITU-T SG15 Jan. 27 - Feb. 7 meeting update
  • Update on the Location model
  • General progress of Core

Discussion items






TM Forum LS

  • TMF-LS-2020.01.14 on Coordinating modelling work on Location and Party
  • Email from Ken Dilbeck of TMF to Nigel acknowledging receiving the ONF LS. Ken also raised concern on using Apache 2.0 license for UML model. In TMF, UML model is still only under RAND. 
  • In the next LS to TMF on the location model, we will clarify what we are expecting from TMF regarding use cases, scenarios and other require4ments. 
    • Nigel Davis Talk to Ken Dilbeck of TMF to clarify what specific use cases the TMF require the model to support.
Kam/ Malcolm

ITU-T SG15 Jan. 27 - Feb. 7 meeting update.

There will be two liaison statements from SG15 to ONF, one on G.807 & G.872 and one on IM/DM coordination.

  • G.807 and G.872
    • G.807 was approved last week in the SG15 meeting. G.872 was approved earlier in AAP LC AR. Both are attachments of LS.
    • Work items for G.807 Amendment and G.872 amendment have been initiated 
    • G.807 Amendment: Will clarify the relationship among the terms (MC, NMC, NMCG, OTSi, OTSiG, and OTSiA), will clarify the cardinality between the media constructs, and will remove the dependence on the G.694.1 grid to allow G.807 to describe media networks that use any or no grid in the description of frequency slot, media channel, and network media channel. 
    • G872 Amendment: To maintain alignment with G.807 Amendment
    • Do not expect causing any disruptive modification to the media model 
  • IM/DM coordination 
    • IEEE 802 & ITU-T SG15 Joint workshop on January 25, right (before the SG15 plenary meeting) 
      • Session #4 of the workshop program is on Information and Data (YANG) modelling.
        • Status report on: IEEE 1588 YANG, IEEE 802.1Q Bridge & CFM YANG, ITU-T IM & DM
        • Overview G.8052.1 (Ethernet OAM) and issues with the UML to YANG (xmi2yang) translation rules & tool
        • Overview of G.852.2 (Ethernet resilience) and it connection to the IEEE YANG
          • How is forwarding configuration performed?
          • Can IEEE 802.1Qcp YANG model be used for forwarding configuration?
          • What would then be the relationship between ITU-T G.8052.2 and IEEE 802.1Qcp YANG models?
    • UML to Yang mapping issues will be addressed in the IISOMI calls
    • G.8052.2 and 802.1Qcp relationship will be discussed in the IM/DM coordination E-meetings
    • IM/DM E-meetings: 
      • Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CET (Geneva Switzerland) 
      • Dates: 2020 March 10; April 14; May 12; June 9; July 14; August 11 (all are 2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • Chris noted the San Jose meeting Ethernet decorate model proposals to be added to TR-512.A.6 – Packet Switched Examples (Layer 2 & Layer 3)
    (Task 63 - Ethernet Examples)
  • Schedule OIMT meeting next Thursday to examine the models 
  • Jonathan noted that there may be an OIF project on independent model to communication/configure pluggable.  
  • Consideration of changing the proposed F2F meeting dates
  • Current view of upcoming meetings
    • May 11-15: ITU-T Q12 & Q14 joint interim in Ottawa
    • June 8-12: TAPI & OIMT meeting in Madrid. <Consideration: Earlier for TAPI? OIMT cannot be earlier>
    • June 8-12: ITU-T Q11 OTN Berlin
    • June 15-19: Q11, Q12, Q14 in Geneva

Location & Party modelsNigel / Chris

Location model

Party model

General progress of Core

NigelNot discussed

Agenda items for next week
  • Discuss any other team comments from Party model review
  • Security (Jonathan Sadler )
  • Examine Ethernet models

Action items