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  • 2020-01-16 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • NFV VNF & PNF 
  • ConstraintDomain 
  • MEP/MIP model
  • Party

Discussion items





IM-DAdminKam / Nigel


  • Hing-Kam Lam Kam to ask Timon whether ONF has received the BBF December liaison announcing its adoption of open structure and now BBF is an Open Source organization.

VNF modeling

  • Background:
    • In a TAPI calls in December 2019, it was suggested that a VNF should be represented by a PC.
  • Malcolm has analyzed the options for representing a network function that is independent of the implementation (in a VNF or PNF).
  • TAPI 2020.01.14 call noted the need of a VNF model in mid-year 2020.
    • This drives the need to start the VNF modeling now in the Core model.
  • In addition to the considerations in the analysis, the discussion also noted that
    • Should not have a VNF that has all three planes (data plane, management plane, and control plane)
    • What is the TAPI need in managing ETSI VNF
    • Need clarification from TAPI on its exact needs, requirements, 
      • May related to topology. Topology creation/deletion with respect to VNF (similarly w.r.t. equipment)
  • Next step
    • Need the TAPI requirements 
    • Further discussion within OIMT
    • Socialize with TAPI:
    • Consider adding an example (Ethernet Switch)
    • Consider converting into a position paper

Constraint Domain
  • ConstraintDomain (reversal of association - dependency) 
  • ConstraintDomain (CD) has incoming and outgoing constraints, thus it may create loop.
  • Problem to resolve: Avoid looping
  • Should we revert the "contraints" to "constrainted by"? 
  • In the diagram, there are two loops
    • ViewMappingFunction (VMF) - ExposureContext (EC) - ConstraintDomain (CD) - ViewMappingFunction (VMF)
    • ViewMappingFunction (VMF) - ExposureContext (EC) - ControlConstruct (CC) - ViewMappingFunction (VMF)

MEP/MIP modelandrea

  • The Party model will be for review next week
  • The Location model will be for review the week after.

Action items