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  • 2020-01-09 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Administrative
    • Liaison
  • Technical
    • Location & Party models
    • Streaming model

Discussion items

  • MEF
    • No response yet from MEF to our slicing position paper and liaison
  • TM Forum
    • Chris and Nigel had an informal discussion with TMF on the OIMT Location and Party models.
      We expect a formal liaison statement from TMF in the near future
  • BBF
    • In its December 5th, 2019 liaison to industry-wide organizations, including ONF, BBF announced that it has adopted an open structure and now is an Open Source organization.
      Its new Bylaws have eliminated any restrictions on sharing its documentation.
    • A question raised in the discussion was whether BBF will also open its previously received liaisons. 

Location  & Party Model Chris
  •  Chris reported that
    • The Party model is almost ready for team review (this or next week)
    • The Location model has moved to the decorator pattern. It is stable now and Nigel needs to update Papyrus and generate the document.
      After another review by Chris, the document should be ready for team review within the next 2 weeks.
    • Chris shared a "Party relationship role" slide-pack which is work in progress, and not ready to contribute yet.
      Rather than contributing them separately, the slides may be added to the Party document as an appendix or may be made more general and added to the OIMT document covering the component-port pattern

Streaming modelNigel
  • Nigel shared the draft TAPI streaming model
    •, which includes the UML model, the YANG generated using the Eagle tool, the data dictionary generated from the gendoc tool
    • GoToMeeting 026.png
    • The Core streaming model will be a lightweight model. The TAPI streaming model will be an extension to the Core streaming model.

Action items