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  • 2019-12-10~12 OIMT Virtual Meeting


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  • Dec. 10 Tuesday
  • Dec. 11 Wednesday
  • Dec. 12 Thursday
    • Operation pattern (#43, TR-512.10) and Streaming model (#65, TR-512.10), restructured into TAPI, control construct (Nigel Davis
    • Modeling of VNF (Malcolm)

Discussion items


Dec. 10


Model structureChris/ Nigel

Model structure (#13, TR-512.A.2), including aggregate and bounded context

  • Introduction: ONF_T13_Model Structure Overview.pptx (Chris)
    • Chris introduced the rationale and principle of model modulariization and
      • Noted the current Core model issues that are impacting modularization
  • Application: OIMT Core Model modules (Nigel)
    • Nigel has been applying the modulization principle to restructure the TR-512 v1.4 core model
    • Nigel shared what has been done on the Control model module and the Network model module.
    • He noted that the Pac classes in the Network/Topology module should be datatypes

Dec. 11


Party modelChris

Party model (#29 TR-512.13)

  • Chris ran through the changes in the draft TR-512.13_OnfCoreIm-Party.doc, 
  • Major updates are changing from inheritance pattern to decoration pattern
  • Nigel has updated the GenDoc and sent to Chris.
    • Chris Hartley to review the updated draft TR-512.13_OnfCoreIm-Party.doc

Malcolm asked ConstraintDomain to be discussed. Agree to discuss on  

Location model 


Location model (#30, TR-512.14)

  •  Chris ran through the changes in the draft TR-512.14_OnfCoreIm-Location.doc
  • Major changes are from inheritance to decoration pattern
    • Nigel Davis to update the GenDoc version, regenerate the document for Chris to review
OAM in core modelAndrea

OAM in core model


  • Andrea presented the current TAPI OAM model - the technology-ignostic part.
  • Question discussed: Do MEP/MIP specialize LTP? or decorate LTP?
    • MEP/MIP terminate stuff
    • MEP/MIP as specific kinds of LTP that deserve their own classes, similar FC & LTP as specific class of PC
  • MEP/MIP model well for Packet and TDM technologies
  • Application of MEP/MIP to photonic media

Dec. 12


Operation pattern & StreamingNigel

Operation pattern (#66, TR-512.10) and Streaming model (#65, TR-512.10), restructured into TAPI, control construct 

  • Operation pattern
    • Intent
        • Nigel Davis Provide more clarification on "defined and offered capability" of the 2nd bullet "Intent will be stated in terms of already defined and offered capabilities" 
    • Constraint based model
      • Comment: Intent may be refined/tightened in the course of realization

  • Streaming: Defer to TAPI call next week
Modeling of VNFMalcolm

Malcolm: The statement “A VNF is represented as a PC” is inappropriate. The ETSI VNF is a bag of various kinds of stuffs, it is quite complex and need to be decomposed into smaller functions. 

Chris pointed to TR-512.12 and TR-512.A.13 for examples of VM, FPGA, software container etc. in there.

Further discussion has been scheduled for Dec. 19 OIMT call.

Action items