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  • 2019-08-15 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Andrea Mazzini


  • Admin
    • September F2F meeting agenda
    • Core model work plan 
    • Tool migration
  • Technical
    • ITU-T media architecture
    • Streaming
  • Future call topics

Discussion items


Face-to-Face Meetings

Core model work plan

Tool migration

    • Fixing the v1.4 UML diagrams in Eclipse 4.9.
      • Kam is done with fixing the Resilience, Physical, Spec, Control, Interaction modules, which are being verified by Nigel.
      • Will work on the yet to be unlocked write-protected modules
      • Nigel to unlock the write-protected modules
    • Model structure for v1.5
    • OpenModel Profile updates
      • In UML OpenModel_profile, will rename the <<specify>> stereotype to <<augment >> so that can add the multiplicity and no longer use abstraction

From the August 8 call: MEF network slicing liaison progress 

    • Andrea Mazzini to ask MEF to liaise the slicing work to ONF
    • Nigel Davis to follow up with Stephen Shew
      • Still at 2nd Call for comment on the slicing stuff.
    • Schedule a lunch session discussion on slicing and relevant material aiming for a spontaneous liaison to MEF


Stephen Shew

ITU-T media architecture update

  • oimt2019.SS.002-SG15-media-results.ppt
  • Stephen reported on the progress of G.807 and G.872 in the SG15 July 2019 plenary meeting
    • Last slide: unidirectional
    • Will liasie G.807 and G.872 to ONF from the October Seoul interim meeting


Nigel Davis

Nigel presented "Core and TAPI Streaming"

  • Nigel Davis to post the streaming presentation slide deck.
  • Comments
Future call

Topics for future calls

  • September
    • Co-routing constraint in the Core model broader context (Andrea Mazzini,  Nigel Davis, Karthik Sethuraman, Malcolm Betts )

Action items