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  • 2019-06-20 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • Feedback on Action item wiki page and work item wiki page
  • TR-512.3 (Malcolm Betts)
  • MEF LSO ballot on Network Slicing (Chris)
  • Co-routing constraint in the Core model broader context (Andrea, Nigel)
  • WT Equipment model (Martin Skorupski, Nigel Davis )
  • Profile & template model (Chris Hartley, Thorsten Heinze, Martin Skorupski)

Discussion items

IM-DFeedback on wiki pages
  • Malcolm Betts In TR-512.3 v1.5 draft (oimt2019.MB.002.00-TR-512.3_v1.5.d01.docx), check the new state discription in the document against the definition in the data dictionary
  • Malcolm Betts  In TR-512.3 v1.5 draft (oimt2019.MB.002.00-TR-512.3_v1.5.d01.docx ), consider whether the material in 3.2.6 should be in TR-512.8 instead or should reference TR-512.8 instead, also consider multi-level abstraction in TAPI, including alternate abstraction. Some material could be moved to the example document. Add paragraph in
  • For the entity state in the complex supporting/dependent relationship, in particular in the case m:n ( , worth to evaluate the effort against the benefit.

MEF LSO ballot on Network Slicing
  • MEF LSO Committe Call for Comments Ballot on Network Slicing
    • Closing on 12 July
    • Document: Network Slicing - cfcb #2 (need MEF login)
      • It specifies what slicing means for MEF and how it relates to LSO and MEF services.
  • Chris suggests to liaise to MEF on how network slicing is supported/done in the ONF model

Co-routing constraint

Defer to next week

WT Equipment model

Defer to next week

  • Nigel is working on aligning the TAPI equipment and the WT equipment models

Profile & template model 

Defer to next week

Action items