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  • 2019-04-03 IISOMI Meeting notes
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  • UML Modeling
      • Importancy=M and Urgency=M
      • Composition/strictComposite/extendComposite and Association class and multiplicity in abstraction
    • MEF MCM – ONF Core Model Alignment (Nigel Davis)
      • Importancy=HH and Urgency=H
    • Use of Stereotypes (See 2019-02-20 IISOMI Meeting notes for the decision)
      • In general we should not use stereotypes where user-defined data-types could be used 
      • BitLength (We will not use bitLength stereotype property anymore. Need to be deprecated. Will use a combination of multiplicity and OCL for this purpose.)
  • UML to YANG Mapping
    • Object Reference Mapping (use of xPath “current()” function) (All)
      • Importancy=M/L and Urgency=L
    • Use of “when” and “must” statements (Karthik SethuramanScott Mansfield)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
      • This is needed for TAPI 2.2
      • Related to translation of <cond>, conditional Pac, 
      • Need to bring Rob Wilton into the discussion (Scott Mansfield's action)
    • Mapping of Abstraction / <specify> relationship of operation (Karthik Sethuraman)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
    • IETF MW Test Model (Martin Skorupski)
      • Importancy=L and Urgency=L
      • About alignment between the IETF and ONF models
      • I#249
  • Tools
    • Uml2Yang Mapping Tool updates (Xing ZhaoKarthik SethuramanAndrea Mazzini)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H/M
      • Now still need manual fix
    • Yang2Uml Mapping Tool updates
      • Importancy=M and Urgency=L
    • Use of continuously updated Eclipse/Papyrus versions (Nigel DavisScott Mansfield)
      • From previous (old) minutes documenting earlier decisions that may no longer hold etc.
        • Moving to Photon: Importancy=H and Urgency=H
        • Karthik has been closely using the latest versions, no serious problem in that.
        • Karthik suggest we need to move to the Photon version
        • The TR-512 core model will move to Photon in v1.4.1
        • SG15 will move to Photon in the next version of the models too
    • Style template (See 2019-02-20 IISOMI Meeting notes)
      • Not to have a universal stylesheet. Every papyrus project should package and auto-apply the stylesheets used by that project.
      • Most of the issues with transferring diagrams between projects could be solved by turning off auto-resizing of class boxes.
    • Tool Chains (Augie)

Discussion Items

5 minPlan next conference callsAll



Not available

February 6
February 13
February 20
February 27

Scott (may not be available)

March 6
March 13
March 20
March 27


Andrea & Kam & Nigel (ONF F2F) ....
Kam (Vac), Scott (IETF)

April 3
April 10
April 17
April 24


Kam (Q14 Mtg)
30 minMCM-Core Model AlignmentAll
  • Key aspect for this call is the difference in guidelines
    • Currently unlikely that the guidelines will become official in the next MEF meeting.
    • We may need to examine the guidelines for potential changes in ONF model to better enable future alignment.
  • Key challenge is TAPI alignment with MCM and with ONF Core whilst maintaining one TAPI model and implementation form (for both TAPI and for Presto applications) and hence interopperability
    • And also whilst maintaining a sensible operable TAPI
    • Key areas are:
      • Inheritance hierarchy
      • Names
      • Pruning and refactoring method (federation)
      • Stereotypes and OCL (and use of DSL)
      • Use of association class
      • Specification method (model pattern)
  • Andrea Mazzini Schedule a dedicated meeting to progress the above prior to, and in preparation for, the next MEF meeting,.
15 minTools (Papyrus)All
  • Lock step versioning has been shown to not work across multiple bodies
  • Moving version has challenges!
  • Possible workable approach
    • Upgrade as you need to
      • When the tool has a feature you need
        • Try to stay close to the latest
        • Evaluate the tool adequately before moving
          • Share the evaluation activity
      • When you are sharing with someone who is on a later version
        • Upgrade only the transferred parts and commit to keep doing this
        • Upgrade the source
    • If upgrade loses a feature that you use then you have to change to deal with it
      • Try to get the tool changed (use our weight as we have large and rich models... but note that we pay nothing)
  • We have chosen UML due to its general nature but we are dependent upon one tool

Martin Skorupski Action: On next call determine who should write the above up as a process and how we should then agree it. Also idetify other areas to consider wrt the above.

5 minAgenda for next weekAll





Action Items


  • Bernd Zeuner: Create the new IISOMI Wiki structure
  • Bernd Zeuner: Move old action items to EAGLE Issues / new action items

UML Modeling

  • Scott Mansfield, August-Wilhelm Jagau: Review the OCL expressions and provide the missing expressions in iisomi2018.BZ.006.02_Requirements_for_Definitions.docx
  • Scott Mansfield, August-Wilhelm Jagau: Ask MEF to liaise the MEF Information Modeling Guidelines draft (related to OCL) to ONF.
  • Martin Skorupski, Nigel Davis: Draft a brief initial whitepaper on Model/Interface Compatibility that defines the goal, frame the problem and list the requirements.

UML to YANG Mapping

  • Karthik Sethuraman: Create an Issue on the bug that operation parameters which are defined as passed by reference are mapped by the tool as passed by value.
  • Karthik Sethuraman: Add template information as comments to the example config file.
  • Scott Mansfield: Provide an example for a mapping of UML pre- and post-conditions using “must” statement(s) of the “input” and “output” statements of the rpc/action definition. 


  • August-Wilhelm Jagau: Provide an overview of the various tool chains used. Anyone to provide input