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  • 2019-03-07 OIMT Meeting notes
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  • IM-D (6-7)
    • Admin
    • TR512 v1.4.1 progress update
    • Finalize the Sydney agenda 
    • Brief presentation on Entities and Datatatypes ONF.docx (CH)
    • Brief presentation on the TAPI equipment model (ND)
    • Brief discussion on the profile model (WI #57)
    • Virtual network (Not discussed; no time left for this item) 
  • IM-E (8-9): Not scheduled

Discussion items






TR-512 v1.4.1
  • Progress of v1.4.1
    • Done with .1 (checked), .2 (checked), .6 (checked), .3 (checked);
    • Progressing on .4
    • Nigel welcome help in doing the work (send Nigel email),
      • Kam has install Eclipse v2018.09 and will assist updating
    • Issue raised in the previous call
      • Not displaying the association end Modifier of the attribute (no more a button to press to display).
      • Scott Mansfield Action Item: to feedback to the Papyrus development community.

Sydney meeting

Class/Entity vs Datatype

TAPI Equipment model
Brief presentation on the TAPI equipment model (Nigel)
  • Heavily prunned from Core equipment, Skeleton view only
  • PhysicalSpan is Core multi-strand span; it could be one, two, or multiple parallel fiber(s)
  • AccessPort represents a collection of pins; it bridges between the physical (equipment/holder) and the logical views
  • Comment: Need to work through how does the AccessPort & PhysicalSpan be used at the edge of a administrative domain (between two administrative domains)
    • Action item - Sydney: to further discussion, get use case first,
  • Comment: show the class that "uses" the ConnectorPinDetails datatypes

Profile model
  • Briefly discussed the profile model
    • New work item #57 has been created.
    • Need to write the use case based on the key requirements (from Thorsten's input)
    • Added to the Sydney agenda as item C13

Virtual network
  • Not discussed. No time left for this item

Action items