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  • 2019-03-06 IISOMI Meeting notes
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  • UML Modeling
      • Importancy=M and Urgency=M
      • Composition/strictComposite/extendComposite and Association class and multiplicity in abstraction
    • MEF MCM – ONF Core Model Alignment (Nigel Davis)
      • Importancy=HH and Urgency=H
    • Use of Stereotypes (See 2019-02-20 IISOMI Meeting notes for the decision)
      • In general we should not use stereotypes where user-defined data-types could be used 
      • BitLength (We will not use bitLength stereotype property anymore. Need to be deprecated. Will use a combination of multiplicity and OCL for this purpose.)
  • UML to YANG Mapping
    • Object Reference Mapping (use of xPath “current()” function) (All)
      • Importancy=M/L and Urgency=L
    • Use of “when” and “must” statements (Karthik SethuramanScott Mansfield)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
      • This is needed for TAPI 2.2
      • Related to translation of <cond>, conditional Pac, 
      • Need to bring Rob Wilton into the discussion (Scott Mansfield's action)
    • Mapping of Abstraction / <specify> relationship of operation (Karthik Sethuraman)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H
    • IETF MW Test Model (Martin Skorupski)
      • Importancy=L and Urgency=L
      • About alignment between the IETF and ONF models
      • I#249
  • Tools
    • Uml2Yang Mapping Tool updates (Xing ZhaoKarthik SethuramanAndrea Mazzini)
      • Importancy=H and Urgency=H/M
      • Now still need manual fix
    • Yang2Uml Mapping Tool updates
      • Importancy=M and Urgency=L
    • Use of continuously updated Eclipse/Papyrus versions (Nigel DavisScott Mansfield)
      • From previous (old) minutes documenting earlier decisions that may no longer hold etc.
        • Moving to Photon: Importancy=H and Urgency=H
        • Karthik has been closely using the latest versions, no serious problem in that.
        • Karthik suggest we need to move to the Photon version
        • The TR-512 core model will move to Photon in v1.4.1
        • SG15 will move to Photon in the next version of the models too
    • Style template (See 2019-02-20 IISOMI Meeting notes)
      • Not to have a universal stylesheet. Every papyrus project should package and auto-apply the stylesheets used by that project.
      • Most of the issues with transferring diagrams between projects could be solved by turning off auto-resizing of class boxes.
    • Tool Chains (Augie)

Discussion Items

5 minPlan next conference callsAll

No news with respect to last week:



Not available

February 6
February 13
February 20
February 27

Scott (may not be available)

March 6
March 13
March 20
March 27


Andrea & Kam & Nigel (ONF F2F) ....
Kam (Vac), Scott (IETF)

April 3
April 10
April 17
April 24

Kam (Q14 Mtg)
50 minDiscussion on "class" and "data type" conceptsAll
  • Chris uploaded Entities and Datatatypes ONF.docx contribution,  not discussed in detail as Chris is missing.
  • From Chris' contribution: Datatypes are also often called “Value Objects”.
  • Agreed that a datatype is conceptually a "class" which all attributes are keys. Karthik says that this is exactly the opposite of YANG grouping, hence datatypes cannot be mapped with YANG groupings. Nigel replies that groupings do not have an identity. Karthik recalls that IISOMI guidelines specify that UML classes are mapped with YANG groupings (as a first step).
  • Karthik underlines that the object instance identifier is implementation dependent.
  • Agreement that essentially everything is a data structure (better avoid datatype term), some structures can be independently addressed, other data structures can be addressed only indirectly, through other data structures.
5 minAgenda for next weekAllNo time left for this item.





Action Items


  • Bernd Zeuner: Create the new IISOMI Wiki structure
  • Bernd Zeuner: Move old action items to EAGLE Issues / new action items

UML Modeling

  • Scott Mansfield, August-Wilhelm Jagau: Review the OCL expressions and provide the missing expressions in iisomi2018.BZ.006.02_Requirements_for_Definitions.docx
  • Scott Mansfield, August-Wilhelm Jagau: Ask MEF to liaise the MEF Information Modeling Guidelines draft (related to OCL) to ONF.
  • Martin Skorupski, Nigel Davis: Draft a brief initial whitepaper on Model/Interface Compatibility that defines the goal, frame the problem and list the requirements.

UML to YANG Mapping

  • Karthik Sethuraman: Create an Issue on the bug that operation parameters which are defined as passed by reference are mapped by the tool as passed by value.
  • Karthik Sethuraman: Add template information as comments to the example config file.
  • Scott Mansfield: Provide an example for a mapping of UML pre- and post-conditions using “must” statement(s) of the “input” and “output” statements of the rpc/action definition. 


  • August-Wilhelm Jagau: Provide an overview of the various tool chains used. Anyone to provide input