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  • 2019-01-31 OIMT Meeting Notes




  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Stephen Shew
  • Andrea Mazzini


  • Incoming SG15 Liaison statements
  • Brief update on TR-512 v1.4.1 (Nigel)
    • All: Provide candidate issues for v1.4.1
  • Sydney agenda plan
  • Report on progress of JOB/Task and Comparison of TOSCA XML-YAML (Chris)
  • Brief discussion on Streaming (Nigel Davis)
    • Focus on event streaming
      • Aim for uniform treatment of state/alarm/thresholdCrossing
  • AOB: 

Discussion Items





IM-DITU-T SG15 Incoming LSKam
  • SG15-LS176: LS/r on Coordination of Ethernet information and data modelling work (reply to IEEE 802.1-LS44 & Broadband Forum-LS133)
  • SG15-LS177: LS/o on Media work in ITU-T SG15 (to OIMT and OTCC)
  • Stepehn Shew will present the ITU-T SG15 media architecture (oimt2011.SS.001-SG15-media-architecture.pptx) on next Thursday IM-E

Brief update on TR-512 v1.4.1Nigel Davis
  • All: Provide candidate issues for v1.4.1
  • Martin provided a tool to assist the migration, for associations.
  • Nigel is fixing all the associations in all diagrams. 70% association flipped in the version 2018.09, Foundamental problem in Eclipe (not Papyrus), snap to grid problem, fixed1 by 1, messy diagrams in separate package, 3/4 done, expect done by March, will generate v1.4.1 by end today for Kam to verify.

March Sydney meetingAll
  • 2019 March 18-22 ONF OIMT & OTCC Sydney Meeting
    • General information (venue, travel etc.): oimt2019.ND.001.00_SydneyMeetingInfo.docx
    • Now open for registration at wiki page: Registration List for 2019 March 18-22 ONF OIMT & OTCC Sydney Meeting
    • Agenda planning
      • Template created at wiki page: Agenda Plan of 2019 March 18-22 ONF OIMT & OTCC Sydney Meeting
      • Key topics (for traveling approval and planning) from January 17 meeting minutes:
          • #8 Equipment enhancements (TAPI equipment modeling)
          • #35 LTP port (TAPI integration)
          • #36 Compute model (CPU storage)
          • #9 IP switching, #53 IP Segment routing (to support 5G, complement SG15 work)
          • #26 Intent/Constraint, #55 TOSCA Profile
          • #37 Spec re-work, #44 Refactor LTP Spec to be Comp-Sys Spec, #56 Simplied Spec model, #58 Specification Pattern for new comer, including Thorsten's (Core model extension) work request (TAPI critical)
          • #41 Identity model investigation + other global class attributes (state etc.)
          • #39 Event driven solution investigation, #43 Operation pattern for general task, #57 Job Task process model, #55 TOSCA Profile, (and Streaming)
          • (related to #54) Managing Cloud Native (Kubernetes, Istio, Containers)
          • TAPI needs (Karthik Sethuraman: provides additional item, if any)
            • How to use the topology pacs in TAPI
            • Distinction between Connectivity model (service) vs Topology model (resource)
            • Catalog driven API related to ONAP (TMF), This is related to #55 TOSCA profile
            • ONAP usage of TAPI
            • Revisit the TAPI virtual network (What is the difference between VN Service End Point vs Service Interface Point)
              • Configuration v state, service v resource, CRUD pattern, operation patterns, intent
              • Examine the storage pattern and the model that relates the views (CH)
              • Examine Link capacity allocation pattern (MB)
              • Work towards the goal of Virtual Network
                • The point problem is relatively straight forward
                • The two ended link brings in the most basic form of graph
                • We can build from the above towards more complex graphs towards the full network problem
                • Eventually this will lead to system - system mapping (PC graphs)
            • Multilayer transitional link scenario (need this before 2.2)
            • Routing constraint (need this for 2.2), related to #26
        • Agreed to have the agenda plan stabilized one month before the meeting (i.e., Feb. 18)
        • Prioritize and assign (especially TAPI). Require contribution for the agenda item to be enabled.
        • Description of work items are in oimt2018.KL.001.14_oimt-work-items.xlsx

  • Reported on
    • Main TOSCA components XML-YAML comparison,
      • Should we come up with our own pseudo TOSCA version?
      • TOSCA might use UML?
    • Exploration on JOB / Workflow / Task

Brief discussion on Streaming

Nigel Davis

  • Brief discussion on Streaming
    • Focus on event streaming
      • Aim for uniform treatment of state/alarm/thresholdCrossing/telemetry
    • Streaming is a mainstream Cloud capability, regarding changes, sending a veiw of the observation of changes,
    • Source of events,
    • Could use Spec to control/configure the streaming
    • Preserving time of change occur at the object, not the event (notification)
    • Unify alarm and state,
    • Adjustment of views
    • What is the implication on reliability and recovery
    • immutable log
  • Action - Nigel Davis : provide slides for next week discussion

Action Items

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