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  • 2018-12-12 IISOMI Meeting Notes


12 December 2018



  • Plan next conference calls
  • Infrastructure of (combined) IISOMI calls

Discussion Items

5 minPlan next conference callsAll
  LeaderNot available

December 5
December 12
December 19
December 26








January 2
January 9
January 16
January 23
January 30






Scott & Kam (Q12 & Q14/15 meeting)
Karthik & Andrea (MEF meeting)


50 min

Infrastructure of (combined) IISOMI calls

  • Tool for the minutes (Wiki, Word)?
    • Agreement: Do the minutes in the Wiki; import already this minutes to the Wiki.
  • Structure of minutes (UML Modeling, UML to YANG Mapping, Tools)?
    • Agreed
  • Structure of action items (one/two/three sets)?
    • Agreement: Move current action items to Issues in GitHub.
  • Do we keep the initial sub-teams (Infrastructure and UML to YANG Mapping)?
    • Agreement: Merge the sub-teams
    • Single IISOMI Wiki page with minutes, contributions, presentations and deliverables.
5 minUML to YANG MappingAll

Proposed mapping of UML file names containing a "." was agreed.
Note: The YANG specification does not allow "." in the module name.

Example: “G.1234.5_v0.03-model.uml” is mapped to “g-dot1234dot5-v-dot0dot03-model.yang”.

InfoBacklog of discussion itemsLeaders

Attached are the minutes from this call in the old Word style.
This file also contains the items currently under discussion; including their history for later reference.
None of the items have been discussed in this call.

InfoItems for next conference callsNigel
  • UML Modeling
    • Use of OCL in IISOMI and MEF (Scott, Augie)
    • Model/Interface Compatibility (Martin, Karthik, Italo, Nigel)
    • Continuation of Associations Discussion (Nigel)
    • Specification Pattern for Dummies (Andrea, Kam)
    • MEF MCM – ONF Core Model Alignment (Nigel)
  • UML to YANG Mapping
    • Object Reference Mapping (use of xPath “current()” function) (All)
    • Use of “when” and “must” statements (Karthik, Scott, Bernd)
    • IETF MW Test Model (Martin)
  • Tools
    • Uml2Yang Mapping Tool updates
    • Yang2Uml Mapping Tool updates
    • Use of continuously updated Eclipse/Papyrus versions
    • Tool Chains (Augie)

Action Items

  • Bernd Zeuner: Create the new IISOMI Wiki structure
  • Bernd Zeuner: Move old action items to EAGLE Issues / new action items

UML Modeling

UML to YANG Mapping

  • Karthik Sethuraman: Create an Issue on the bug that operation parameters which are defined as passed by reference are mapped by the tool as passed by value.
  • Karthik SethuramanAdd template information as comments to the example config file.
  • Scott Mansfield: Provide an example for a mapping of UML pre- and post-conditions using “must” statement(s) of the “input” and “output” statements of the rpc/action definition.