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  • 2018-11-29 OIMT Meeting Notes
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29 November 2018



  • Chris Hartley 


  • Liaison
  • TR-512 v1.4 deliverable status
  • Finalize Dec Meeting agenda plan & Preparation
  • TR-512 v1.5 work items
  • TAPI photonic model and OAM model
  • Wireless Transport

Discussion Items

 TR-512 v1.4 

Dec Meeting agenda plan & Preparation

  • Agenda plan
  • Nigel noted that Anees Shaikh of OpenConfig indicated he is not available on Monday for joint discussion on OpenConfig, but late Tuesday will be possible.
    • Nigel to follow up with Anees Shaikh of OpenConfig.
  • Asked Stephane whether the meeting room will be available earlier in the morning before 9:00 and also available later beyond 5:30 pm in the afternoon.
    • Stephane confirmed that the meeting venue will be available from 8:00 am and until 7:30 pm.
      • Monday morning will still start at 9:00am.

TR-512 v1.5 work items

  • Target date for v1.5 is 2Q2019
  • V1.4.1:
    • Will consider ro have v1.4.1 for upversioning the Papyrus/Eclipe version and also updating the references, such as the ITU-T references
    • Will aim for end of January 2019
  • TPAI is using the continuous updated version of Papyrus. Core is using specific Payrus version
  • Papyrus has changed the version name convention, the latest is 2018-09 (works with Oxygen), i.e., not Oxygen, Photon, etc.
  • Download site for Papyrus:

IM-ETAPI Photonic Model 
  • Italo noted that some questions raised regarding SMC in the last call are still pending on answers.
  • Karthik suggested to have contribution for the face-to-face meeting
  • Stephane noted that he will have a contribution and will post before the meeting
 TAPI OAM Model 
  • Andrea reported on the result of his investigation and conclusion.
    • MD and maintenance level is 1-1
    • MA is strictly related to service, service access point has monitoring
    • MD and MA together is unique
    • IEEE MD has one MA, although this is not explicit
    • MEP is created associated with MA, MEP belongs to one and only one MA, has VLAN ID,
    • MIP has a level only, connectionless, can be related to many service, no MA relationship, MA belong to MD
    • IEEE 19.3.1 MHF Identification,
    • If there is one MA per MD, then the ITU-T MEG is equivalent to IEEE MD & MA
    • Italo: Y.1731
        • 3.1.29 MEG intermediate point (MIP): [ITU-T G.8001].

        • 3.1.28 MEG end-point (MEP): [ITU-T G.8001].

        • MIP belongs to MEG

    • Split of MD and MA is only for IEEE 802.1Q CFM. ITU-T uses MEG
    • On the OAM job parameters, should take into account that some parameters may need to move from the generic MEP & MIP to specific technology, e.g., MEL to Ethernet, not in MEP
      • These kind of changes will be for TAPI 2.2
 Wireless Transport 
  • No discussion

Action Items