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  • 2018-10-25 OIMT Meeting Notes
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24 October 2018



  • Martin Skorupski


  • Administrative
  • Dec 4-8 Meeting agenda plan
  • 3Q 2018 deliverable status
  • ITU-T SG15 incoming Liaison Statements
  • Work items
  • TAPI Photonic model
  • WT (no discussion)

Discussion Items

  • Date of ending of daylight saving
    • Europe: October 28
    • North America: November 4
  • Conference call time stay with US Pacific Time
    • Check your local time
 Dec 4-8 Meeting 
 3Q2018 Deliverable 
  • Status: oimt2018.KL.008.19_reviewPlan
  • Nigel has completed addressing the review comments and is in the final stage of incorporated the comment resolutions into the document and model. Unaddressed comments will move to the next release.
  • Aim to finish the gendoc generation in November
 Version 1.5 work item 
  • The work item excel was reviewed and updated
  • #P2: CIM Introduction
    • Chris has incorporated comments from Kam, updated version has been posted as: TR-512.P.2-V0-1.pptx
    • Action item - All: To review TR-512.P.2-V0-1.pptx
    • Action item - Karthik: To confirm whether will lead #6 Resilience or not.
      • Confirmed. Progress this along with the TAPI work. Need to complete in TAPI
 ITU-T SG15 Incoming LS 


  • ITU-T SG15 has 3 liaison statements to ONF. While we are still waiting for the arrival of the LSs, the content of the LSs have been discussed in the OT-IM call on Tuesday October 23.
  • SG15-LS131: Coordination of Ethernet information and data modelling work
    • Continue the monthly coordination call
    • Dates: 2018 Nov 19, Dec 17; 2019 Jan 14, Feb 18, Mar 11, Apr 15, May 20, Jun 17
    • Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CET
    • URL: to be provided
  • SG15-LS132: Updates to Element Management Modeling
    • Intiate approval process for 5 Recommendations: G.875 (ex. G.874.1), G.7721 (ex. G.sync-mgmt), G.8052, G.8152. G.8151
    • Share the latest drafts: G.8052.1, G.8052.2, G.876 (ex.
    • Request adding two associations to future version of TR-512 for sync-mgmt
      • ConstraintDomainAggregateClocks
      • ClockAssociatedWithFcPort
  • SG15-LS133: LS/r/o Update on media architecture and management 
IM-ETAPI Photonic modelAndrea
  • Discussed the "Reference TAPI photonic Model", v5.7.1
  • Slide 2 was discussed in the Tuesday TAPI call
  • Slide 4: Questios to be answered
    • #1: Does media channel XC represent the intersection of filter configuration within a single ROASM, to descrie the effective spectrum between ingress and egreess ports of the ROADM Node?
      • Yes, confirmed that: Media channel XC (i.e. MC XC) represents the intersection of filter configuration within a signle ROADM, to descrie the effective spectrum between the ingress and egress ports of the ROADM Node.
    • #2 Is SMC always and only "end-to-end" within OLS domain between its two end points (SIPs)?
      • Yes. See #3 below for Express MC
      • a) If so, SMC represents the OLS-wide intersectionof filter configuriaotns, describing the route between tow OLS domain edge points (SIPs).
      • b) Considering the MC XCs, they can have wider frequency slot width with respect to SMC.
      • c) Can a MC XC be shared by more than one SMC? e.g, partitioning its spectrum?
      • d) On a given photonic link, can two SMCs overlap their spectrum?
    • #3: Express MC (EMC) is composed of a sequence of MC XCs, not spanning the whole OLS domain.
      • An EMC can support one or more (parallel) SMCs. See the last slide below.
  • Example scenario:
    • MC XCs:
        • Is there agreement on MC XC 3? (in term of TAPI, not in the core)
        • ROADM 3: splitter & combiner, may or may not have filter
    • Options of SMC
      • option 1 (per #2 above)
      • option 2
        • Not in align with #2 above
      • option 3
        • Not in align with #2 above.
    • SMC agrregations NMC, hierarchy of SMCs
      • Per #3 above, SMC 3 should be Express MC (EMC)
  • No discussion

Action Items