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  • 2018-09-27 OIMT Meeting Notes
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27 September 2018



  • Administrative
    • Dec. meeting agenda plan
    • 3Q 2018 deliverable
  • Discuss contribution, if any, on ONF CIM Introduction slides
  • Backward compatibility (deferred)
  • TAPI

Discussion Items

IM-DAdminitrativeKam, Nigel
  • 2018 December 3 - 7: ONF OIMT & OTCC Meeting in Santa Clara, California, USA, hosted by Infinera
    • Venue: Infinera - 220 Humboldt Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
      • Meeting room: Sydney
    • Registration
    • Agenda plan: oimt2018.KL.009.02.dec-agenda-plan.docx
    • Kam and Nigel reported that:
      • Timon informed that ONF should be able to find a room for us to hold a technical track on OTCC and OIMT at the CONNECT venue.  This would be a parallel track dedicated to the OIMT & OTCC activities. If this would be of interest to us, we can work with Timon to finalize this. ONF would like to have us there.
      • Question from the group: Do we still need to pay the ONF Connect registration fee if we participate only the OTCC & OIMT track? If yes, we would prefer the free participation at the Infinera venue.
  • Reach out:
    • Part of Monday, and/or Friday morning
    • AI - Nigel Davis: contact Chris Lauwers of TOSCA
    • AI - Nigel Davis: contact OpenConfig (ODTN transponder)
    • AI - Chris Hartley: draft a rough plan of reach out, will share next week
    • AI - Hing-Kam Lam, Nigel Davis: draft invitation email for Chris to invite Cisco folk to the meeting (Monday/Friday) to talk about SDK for YANG
    • Stephane Monday morning one hour session on Facebook TIP (PAC group),
    • MEF L1 Service model?
  • ONF Connect 2018
  • 1Q 2019 face-to-face meeting:
    • Need host for the March 18-22, 2019 meeting
    • AI - Chris Hartley: Look into the possibility of moving the 3Q Australia to March 18 - 22 in Sydney
    • AI - Andrea Mazzini: Explore possibility of hosting future meeting in Milano
 3Q 2018 deliverable 
  • Status
    • TR-512.A.7: done with the comments; no more issue, ready to go
    • TR-512.8: done
    • TR-512.2: Describe ControlConstruct at the edge of Forwarding,
    • TR-512.7: Andrea almost done with the review
  • Updated status: oimt2018.KL.008.18_reviewPlan.docx
 ONF CIM Introduction 
 Work items 
  • Action - Next week: Review and prioritize future work items

Backward compatibility



Defer discussion to the future

This item is not for TAPI 2.1

  • TAPI 2.1
    • September 25 TAPI call agreed that we should not delay the release of TAPI 2.1
    • Agreed to release 2.1 by end of next week. Bug fix will be in TAPI 2.1.1
      • The Release Note will say about the status of backward compatibility
    • Karthik has comitted the changes to Github
    • Issue 353: Target input/out power and OSNR for NMC connectivity services
      • Stephane to provide feedback off-line,
      • If cannot get agreement in time, will be defer to after TAPI 2.1
  • Photonic and OTSi model
    • Stephane presented the Photonic model (ONF share) use cases
    • OTUCn request --> OTSiA request --> NMCA request at the OLS
      • Single NMCA
      • Multiple NMCAs
        • Comment: Are they have the same source and destination, e.g., both from NYC to Boston.
        • Answer: Yes, same site, may be different transponders
    • NMCA request
      • NMCA1 and NMCA2 do not have to be co-routed
      • Cases A, B, C
      • Comment: Without considering guard band, case B and case C have no difference.
  • SMCA request
      • A: without spectrum location
      • B: with spectrum location
  • SMCA request with NMCA
      • Comment: Need to clarifiy "Who is doing what for whom"
      • Comment: Why care about the NMCA inside the SMC
        • Response: So that one can monitor it, target power for them, monitoring the use of the spectrum
        • One can allocation NMCA, but without applying the OTSi in it.
          • SMC (spectrum)
          • NMC (allocation, may go through many SMC),
          • OTSi (signal),

      • Comment: Why not use the fix grid definition of the ITU-T; There is no standards for gridless
      • Use case A for request,
      • Single domain
      • Need further discussion in the next Tuesday TAPI call
 WTMartinNot discussed

Action Items