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  • 2018-09-20 OIMT Meeting Notes


20 September 2018



  • Administrative
    • Dec. meeting agenda plan
    • 3Q 2018 deliverable
  • Discuss comment, if any, on ONF CIM Introduction slides
  • TAPI

Discussion Items

IM-DAdministrativeKam, Nigel
  • 3Q 2018 deliverable
    • TR-512.A.7: close to done with the comments
    • TR-512.8: updating, tidy up
    • TR-512.2: Describe ControlConstruct at the edge of Forwarding
    • TR-512.7: Andrea is reviewing, expect finishing review by mid next week. Topology specification
  • Updated status: oimt2018.KL.008.18_reviewPlan.docx
 ONF CIM Introduction 
  • Welcome contribution to the slide deck ONF Model Intro Presentation.pptx.
  • Any additional slide to suggest? Any specific text, diagram to add?
  • Document number:
    • TR-512.W series for white paper
    • TR-512.P series for presentation
      • TR-512.P.2 for the ONF CIM Introduction presentation.
IM-ETAPI - Routing constraintNigel
 TAPI - Phontonic modelKarthik, Andrea, Stephane
  • Photonic model
  • Stephane presented the changes made in TAPI Base Photonic Model v5.5.pptx with respect to v5.4
    • 1.1) Single NMS per NMCA
    • 2) SMC reoganized in transit ROADM
  • Stephane presented the added use cases on connectivity service for the photonic model
    • Seek feedback and then update and post
      • Action Item - Stephane St-Laurent: to post <<Photonic Model V13>>
      • NMC oriented: slides 54, 55, 56
      • SMCA oriented: slides 62
        • Create SMCA service without NMC information
          • This use case is equivalent to the pre-configure medai channel case of G.872 (part 1 of case 1 of clause 8.5.3/G.872)
          • For requesting deletion of SMC, it is the responsibility of the OLS sysem to check that there is no NMC being supported by the SMC at that moment.
  • Constraint on central frequency
    • Grid type (fix or flex) and granularity
    • Central frequency in the request: specific or range?
  • Current workng on
    • v1.1 backward compatibility
    • MW examples for v1.0 and v1.1

Action Items