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  • 2018-09-13 OIMT Meeting Notes
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13 September 2018




  • Administrative
    • Dec meeting agenda plan
    • 3Q 2018 deliverable
    • Stereotype, Profile of the Core model
  • ONF CIM Introduction slides review
  • TAPI Photonic & OTSi model
  • WT (not discussed)

Discussion Items

 3Q 2018 deliverableNigel
  • oimt2018.KL.008.17_reviewPlan.docx
  • Status update from Nigel:
    • Draft TR-512.2: A new version has been sent to Andrea, along with response to Andrea's comments. Rod's comments have been addressed in the new version.
    • Draft TR-512.A.7: Chris updated the text; Nigel will work on the figures,
    • Draft TR-512.4 and Draft TR-512.7: Andrea plans to provide comments by next week
    • Nigel aims to complete draft TR-512.1 and TR-512.A.4 soon
 Modeling tool and Profile versionScott, Kam, Nigel
  • ITU-T Q14/15 would like to understand the version of Eclipse, Papyrus, and Profile that the TR-512 Core model plans to move to
    • So that Q14/15 can plan for alignment accordingly for its G.7711 and technology models (G.874.1, G.8052, G.8152, G.sync-mgmt,, ..)
  • Nigel noted that the TR-512 v1.4 Core model will stay with Mars. For the Profile, will see if it will be up versioned in the next couple weeks or not.
 CIM IntroductionChris
  • No major changes in this version w.r.t. the one presented two weeks ago
  • Cleaned up some of the definitions; Editorial fixes
  • Simplified the definitions
  • Malcolm: The definition of FC (slide 30) is fine for moving information, but not fine for media.
    • Action item - Malcolm Betts: To provide better for the FC definition
  • Kam: Need better resolution for the figure in Slide 22
  • Chris: Invites comment and contribution to the slide, looking for suggestion for the example diagrams
IM-ETAPIKarthik Sethuraman
  • Photonic & OTSi model
    • Any comments on the photonic parameters from Telefonica presented last Tuesdy.
      • None raised.
  • Shrikanth asked about to merge on Github
  • Karthik: Once merged, next week to discuss in TAPI call
  • Klaus: would like to have CR2 soon so for development
  • Karthik: CR2 for next week Tusday
  • Karthik will update the threshold profile
  Karthik Sethuraman

Action Items


CFP process