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  • 2018-08-30 OIMT Meeting Notes
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30 August 2018



  •  Andrea Mazzini


  • Administrative
    • ONF Connect Meeting Dec 4th – Dec 6th, 2018
    • OIMT & OTCC Meeting Dec 3rd – Dec 7th, 2018
  • UML/Modeling/CoreIM Introduction Session
  • 3Q 2018 deliverable
  • TAPI

Discussion Items

IM-DAdministrative2018 ONF Connect
  • ONF Connect Meeting Dec 4th – Dec 6th, 2018; Santa Clara, CA
  • OIMT & OTCC Meeting Dec 3rd – Dec 7th, 2018
    • Venue:
      • Earlier this year we planned for an OIMT & OTCC meeting in Australia on Dec 3rd – Dec 7th, 2018, but we were then suggested to hold the meeting in Santa Clara area because it was expected that there will be an ONF wide meeting similar to the 2017 CORD BUILD (which was free) in Santa Clara in the same week.
      • Now we realize that the 2018 ONF CONNECT is not free and the agenda is set without any standards track.
      • Some OIMT & OTCC members have already booked their flight and hotel reservation.
      • Decision: We concluded that we will still have the OIMT & OTCC meeting in the Santa Clara area but at an alternative venue in the same week of Dec 4th – Dec 6th
        • Stephane will look into the possibility of hosting at the Infinera venue.
      • This will also allow some of us to present our work at one or more of the tracks of the 2018 ONF CONNECT.
        • Potential tracks: Tuesday ODTN or Thursday Ecosystem & Industry Adoption (Edge Cloud?)
    • Agenda plan of OIMT & OTCC meeting:
  • Future Meetings
    • 1Q 2019:
      • Date: March 18-22
      • Location & Host: To be confirm: DT in Darmstadt,
 CIM IntroductionChris
  •  ONF CIM
    • Chris presented the initial desck. 54 or so slides, target for 1.5 hour
    • While it will not be possible for presentation at the ONF Connect, we still aim to use this in future F2F meeting or via video recording
    • Comment - Bernd: In slide 14, should have no operation in object class per UML modeling guidelines.
    • Action item - Chris Hartley: To post a clean up version within a couple of weeks for receiving feedback
 3Q deliverablesKam & Nigel
  •  Photonic and OTSi model
    • Most of the discussion was on NMC and SMC, in particular on whether need to model the guard band.
    • Comment - Malcolm:
      • Do not need to talk about guard band (in TAPI at least), it is implied (included) in the frequency slot
      • What we need is a high level construct for allocating sprectrum, guard band is part of the SMC,
    • Italo: Is guard band implementation specific and may different from ROADM to ROADM?
    • Guard band calculaton: at the node level is by the ROADM, at the network level is by the SDN controller,
    • Stephane explained on the need of modeling Guard band
    • No conclusion. Need further discussion.
    • Not switching of frequency in ROADM
  • Given the complexity of the topic, we need to have a longer session to discuss.
    • Will use next Tuesday September 4th IM-A/B/C (OT-IM + TPAI), 3 hours contiguously

Action Items