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  • 2018-08-16 OIMT Meeting Notes
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16 August 2018



  • Bernd 
  • Andrea
  • Stephane St-Laurent


  • Admin
    • Future meetings
    • ONF CIM Introduction 
    • Liaison from Q14/15
  • Q3 deliverable review feedback
  • TAPI - Photonic & OTSi model
  • Wireless Transport

Discussion Items

  • Future meetings
    • 2018 December 3 - 7: ONF OIMT & OTCC Meeting in Santa Clara (co-located with Dec. 4 - 6 ONF Connect 2018)
      • Jan. 21-25: Q12+Q14 in South China (may invite OIMT & OTCC)
    • 1Q 2019 (February or March 18-22) in Darmstadt hosted by DT (Bernd)
      • April 8-12: Q14 in Europe (may invite OIMT & OTCC)
    • 2Q 2019 in Asia (China, Japan), need host
      • Late May - Early July: SG15 in Geneva
    • 3Q 2019 in Australia hosted by Cisco (Chris), Chris would like to nail down the date of the meeting
    • 4Q 2019 in California, co-located with ONF "CONNECT 2019" workday 
  • Proposal from Chris:
    • Have a UML, model and CIM introduction ‘course’ that we could run at each F2F for any newcomers (as required)
    • We could record it and post the URL and slides publically
    • Need more people to engage in preparation
    • Input material: The TR-512 suites and the guidelines documents
    • Overview: Why, what, where (links to further details)
    • There is general support from the group
    • Chris will take a start
  • Briefly discussed post v1.4 tasks and focus
    • Tme of next deliverable
    • Cleaning up of document
    • When for v2.0
  • Should forcus on engagement in the December F2F meeting
  • Q14/15 Liaison (Defer to IM-E)
 Q3 deliverableNigel, Kam
  • TR-512 v1.4 review feedback
  • Discussed TR-512.A.7 (Control/Interaction examples) comments from Malcolm (TR-512.A.7_OnfCoreIm-Appendix-ControlAndInteractionExamples-CHV2-clean-ND-MB-Updates)
    • Section 3.2 The SDN Controller
      • The "Client Context and Server Context" is key in the ONF SDN architecture.
      • Should not move too far away from this architecture
      • This archticture is also the base of the ITU-T SDN architecture (which has further details on the control components).
    • Peer context and mesh of peer
    • Master and slave
    • Two styles of interaction between two controller:
      • One controller sets the police & allocates resources for the other controller,
      • They talk about thinks for control
  • Decided to split this section (the description of SDN controller) into two part
    • First the representation of SDN architecture (client/server context)
    • Then the representation of more general Peer context. This needs more further work
IM-EQ14/15 Liaison 
  • Not discussed.
  • Photonic & OTSi Model:
    • Not discussed
  • TAPI association:
    • Karthik: Coming up from MEF and OIF demo, the TAPI associations need to be bidirectional
    • Nigel: Cost (not cheap) vs benefit (powerful)
    • Nigel: Navigation direction: most (if not all) from bottom up;
    • Nigel: Bidirectional only make sense in the database
    • Nigel: Reverse direction can be inferred
    • Nigel: Need to look individually
    • Karthik: look at the individual association
      • LinkTerminatesOnNEP: Link 0..1 -- 2..* NodeEdgePoint (FcPort + LTP)
        • Core: Link (LinkPort) --> LTP (in TAPI is NEP)
        • In implementation, NEP exists first, then the link
        • TPAI wants Link <----> NEP
      • CEPRelatesToCSEP: (FcPort) ConnectivityServiceEndPoint 0..1 – * ConnectionEndPoint (FcPort + LTP)
      • CEPAgregateCEP: ConnectionEndPoint – ConnectionEndPoint; this is assembly relationship, for example NMCA aggregate NMCs. Not inverse multiplexing.
        • CEPGroupsCEP
        • Don't use the same verb for assembling (grouping) and inverse multiplexing
      • ConnectionSupportsClientLinks: Connection – Link
        • In Core, FCSupportsLink (in core): Link <-- FC;
        • Link --> FC is more for YANG
    • Nigel: Need to be very careful to have multiple ways for doing the same thing.
 Wireless transportMartin
  • Nothing to discuss.
  • Facing some unexptected YANG issues. Dynamic pointer to read a table.
  • No TAPI, OT-IM, and OIMT calls next week.
IM-FQ3 deliverableNigel, Kam
  • TR-512 v1.4 review feedback

Action Items