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  • 2018-08-02 OIMT Meeting Notes
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02 August 2018



  • July 2018 deliverable review feedback
    • Discuss received TR-512 v1.4 review comments
    • Closure on Guidelines document review comment
    • LS
    • Publication process for the July'18 deliverable
    • Tool up versioning
  • Items deferred for v1.4.1 or v1.5
  • TAPI
  • Wireless transport

Discussion Items

IM-DJuly 2018 Deliverable
  • Discussed received TR-512 v1.4 review comments
    • TR-512.A.7 (Control / Interaction examples) A.7
      • Comments from Xiang TR-512.A.7_OnfCoreIm-Appendix-ControlAndInteractionExamples-CH-YUN Xiang.docx
      • Chris presented the later version ....CH-v2, which contains updates addressing Xiang's comments
        • Regarding "layering" (Section 3.1, 2nd paragraph below Figure 3-1), the discussion agreed to add a footnote to clarify that the layering here is in the control context, not in the data plane forwarding server/client layering context.
      • Kam commented on the Figure 3-14 and the note right above the figure, the controlled/controlling relationship with the remote are not right. It should be:
        • The server context ControlConstruct controls the remote client ControlConstruct, and
        • the client ControlConstruct is controlled by the remote server ControlConstruct.
      • Action - Nigel Davis will send version CH-v2+ (which contains updated done by Nigel during the call) to Malcolm (cc Chris and Kam) for another pass of review.
      • Action - Malcolm Betts: Review version CH-v2+ from Nigel
    • TR-512.7 (Spec)
      • Chris presented his feedback on the TR-512.7 Spec model
  • Closure on the Guidelines review comments
  • Review status:
IM-EItems deferred for v1.4.1 or v1.5 
  • Operation (TR-512.10): Message sequence diagram (for operation sequences)
    • Generalized control (Control & ineraction)
  • Spec (TR-512.7): Generalized pattern for LTP, FC etc. and scheme/system spec
    • Action item - Nigel Davis: Invite Chris Lauwers to join some of our future call
  • TR-512.3 Entity lifecycle
  • The LTP Port / LP Port model
  • OAM model
  • Liaison
    • Has been sent: ONF_LS-003 to SG15
    • To be drafted: To SG15 on TAPI OAM
  • Agreed that there will be IM-D only for next week. No IM-E. No IM-F.
  • Publication process for the July’18 deliverable
    • Given a couple of key documents are still in the review stage and may not complete the review by end of August, we are considering moving the publication date from July to September for TR-512.
    • The Guidelines documents will stay as July'18. They are ready to be released.
    • Will consider delivering small subsets of the documents for TR-512, instead of always releasing the entire suite
    • Tentatively agreed to have a .W series in TR-512.
      • For example, the white papers on version compatibility may become TR-512.W.1, targeted for v1.4.1 (no date yet)
  • Tool up versioning: Eclipse/Papyrus/Profile
    • The TR-512 v1.4 Core model is still using Eclipse Mars version
      • The expectation is to move directly to Photon and skip Oxygen
    • The Papyrus Guidelines currently recommends the following version
      • Eclipse version 4.7.2 “Oxygen”

      • Papyrus version 3.2.0 RC4

      • Gendoc version 0.6.0

    • Profiles:
  • Photonic & OTSi model
    • Comments:
      • Concern rasied on the use of the label OTSiG-p for payload.
      • Clarified why no OTS on the transponder side
      • Clarified the "OMS link" between transponder and ROADM whilse there is not OTS and OMS on the transponder side. Basically it is a very short reach physical link.
      • Commented that there should be OMS link on the right hand side of the ROADM, above the OTS link
      • The NMC in the ROADM should begin close to OTSi.
      • Discussed the 1:2 cardinality of OTS:OMS for the L&C band in the model while there is no such distinction in ITU-T. Agreed that there is a need to propose enhancement to the ITU-T recommendation, via liaison and also contribution to the October 2018 SG15 plenary meeting
      • Will have follow up discussion on August 14 TAPI call.
 Wireless transportMartin
  • Martin reported that the WT group is preparing the YANG file for the WT Model 1.1
    • They are still using the older version of the UML to YANG mapping tool

Action Items