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  • 2018-07-26 OIMT Meeting Notes
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26 July 2018



  • Administrative
    • Outgoing LS to SG15
  • July 2018 deliverable review feedback
  • LTP Port

Discussion Items

IM-DLS to SG15 
  • Updated draft LS: oimt2018.SS.001-draft-LS-reply-to-SG15v2
    • Has removed Q11/15 as a recipient, and changed “CI” to “AI” in two places
  • Malcolm indicated that he shared couple more updates with Stephen
  • Kam will set up off-line call: 10:30 ET (Malcolm, Nigel, Stephen, Kam, Yuji) to finalize the draft
  • Will send out on next Monday to ITU-T SG15 so that in time for the Q14/15 August 6-10 interim meeting
 July 2018 deliverableKam/Nigel
 LTP PortChris
  • Chris presented the updated slide deck
    • Comments:
      • Supports flexible adaptation & modulation,
      • how to relate a spec to instance of hardware (combination of equipment)
      • Other key classes: FD, Link, PC, Cont constraint, Equipment and Holder
      • Aim to have uniform generalized spec pattern
      • Previous spec work in TMF SD 116 ?
    • Continue to work on this in parallel to TR-512.7 for v1.5
    • Rationalize the spec
    • Library of capabilities --> Spec --> instantiation of instance
    • Framework in Spec model
    • Details in external reference (either in machine readable form or human document)
    • Action Chris Hartley: to post the slide deck
      • DONE: ONF_T34_LTP_PortV2.pptx
        • Updates made in this version:
          • Renamed fine name to ONF_T34_LTP_PortV2.pptx
          • Added Pc Spec Composite
          • Merged in the second pack

Action Items