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  • 2018-07-19 OIMT Meeting Notes
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19 July 2018



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  • July 2018 deliverable
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Discussion Items

IM-DJuly 2018 DeliverablesNigel, Kam
  • Review plan: oimt2018.KL.008.09_reviewPlan.docx
    • It contains links of the posted documents.
    • Although the 2-week final review period is from July 9, some of the documents are not ready yet. So the review deadline of July 20 will be relaxed.
    • TR-512.A.2 (architecture) has been posted on July 13,
    • Expected next postings: TR-512.7 (specification)
    • Comments have been received: TR-512.6, TR-512.8, TR-512.12, TR-512.A.6, TR-515
    • Chris has some text for TR-512.1 written. Will send to Kam for reveiw
    • Added Malcolm Betts as prime reviewer of TR-512.A.4 Photonic Examples
    • Added Rod LU Rod as prime reviewer of TR-515 Papyrus Guidelines
    • A.7 has been posted. TR-512.A.7_OnfCoreIm-Appendix-Contr… It contains input from Chris.
  • Updated review plan: oimt2018.KL.008.10_reviewPlan.docx
 Work item #34 LTP PortChris
  • LTP Port ONF_T34_LTP_Port.pptx
    • Addition of a Port class for LTP:
      • LogicalTerminationPointPort (LtpPort)
    • Proposed LTP, LP Spec model:
      • Spec classes:
        • LTP: LtpSpec
        • LtpPort: LtpPortSpec, LtpSpecLpEntryPort, LpPortSpec
        • LP:LtpSpecLpEntry, LpSpec
  • Nigel introduced the key elements of section 4, which are new in this v1.4
    • Figure 4-3,
    • Figure 4-4,
    • FIgure 4-5
      • Action item - Nigel Davis: Correction - The OTS should be the OSC extraction & insertion
        • DONE
    • Figure 4-6
      • agreed that we should use LTP pattern persistently across all cases, regardless of OSC, monitoring etc. are there or not.
    • Figure 4-23
      • MCA (Media Channel Assembly): assembly of the L-band (MC) and C-band (MC)
IM-EAdmin - LSStephen
  • Draft LS reply to SG15
    • Draft LS revised version posted by Stephen: draft-LS-reply-to-SG15-v1.docx
    • Further comments from Yuji received
    • Discussed Yuji's comments
      • Last paragraph and diagram regarding SOTU & MOTU position
        • Will replace last paragraph to indicate that OIMT has concluded that SOTU & MOTU do not have to be modeled with other media artifact
        • Will modify an existing G.798 diagram to illustrate the issue of adaptation with domain change.
      • 3rd paragraph
        • Will raise concern regarding the name/label of the adaptation function.
        • There is concern with disclosure of the terms FlexO-x-<FEC> and FOICx.k to ONF at this time
        • Stephen will reword the 3rd paragraph
      • Stephen posted a revised version for review: oimt2018.SS.001-draft-LS-reply-to-SG15.docx
  • TAPI Equipment inventory model
    • Need to know what parts of the Physical model are needed for TAPI equipment inventory
    • Equipment and Holder are definitly needed
    • Equipment Spec model is needed
    • Connector is needed, but may be just the name/identifier of the connect is sufficient
    • Access port?
    • Multi-strain span?
    • Cable: no. It is outside plane.
    • Karthik will describe the issues to Nigel
  • Photonic and OTSi model: Not discussed
  • No discussion
IM-FCancelled Cancelled

Action Items