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  • 2018-07-12 OIMT Meeting Notes
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12 July 2018



  • Stephane St-Laurent 


  • Admin
    • LS
  • July 2018 deliverable
  • LTP Port
  • TAPI 
  • WT

Discussion Items

IM-DLTP Port (Task #34)Chris
 July 2018 DeliverablesNigel/Kam
  • Review plan: oimt2018.KL.008.08_reviewPlan.docx
    • It contains links of the posted documents.
    • Although the 2-week final review period is from July 9, some of the documents are not ready yet. So the review deadline of July 20 could be relaxed.
    • Semantic of "Prime reviewer": to ensure the document has at least a reviewer to review it. "Prime" doesn't mean superior.
      • Andrea is added to TR-512.2 (Forwarding/Termination) and TR-512.4 (Topology) given that Karthik indicated he may not have enough time.
      • Nigel is added to TR-512.A.7
    • TR-512.A.7 has been posted, but it is not really ready.
    • Expected next postings: TR-512.A.2 (architecture) today, TR-512.7 (specification) next Monday
    • Comments have been received: TR-512.8, TR-512.A.6, TR-515
IM-EAdministrative - LS 
Deferred to IM-F
  • TAPI equipment model
    • Good discussion in IM-E of last week. Recording is available (here). Equipment part of the recording starts at 22:04.
    • Need to extract from the recording a summary of input for TAPI to use. Aim to do that by next week.
    • Physical, not functional
    • Inventory, what can go into what, not so much about configuration
    • Karthik already has some idea on what TAPI needs
  • Photonic & OTSi model
  • Photonic & OTSi model
    • State of the art:
        • The OTSiA, OTSi, NMCA, NMC in the ROADM are internal to ROADM
      • Agreed to remove the ROADM internal OTSiA/OTSi,
        • Be as follow
      • Don't need to add the link.
      • LP Name: Photonic Media
        • Change "Spectrum type" --> "LP Qualifier"
      • OTSi vs NMS
        • OTSi is signal and NMC is media channel, just like AU is channel, VC is signal;
        • Karthik' UML diagram
          • OTsiCtpPac is the CTP (NMC) aspect
          • OTSiTerminationPac is the TTP (signal source/sink) aspect
          • CTP and TTP are in the same layer
 WT No discussion
IM-FAdmin - LSStephenDraft LS reply to SG15
  • Draft LS from Stephen: draft-LS-reply-to-SG15.docx
    • Triggered by Ottawa meeting, in which both the Core and TAPI model have a number of issue that would like to be liaised to SG15
    • Three main points
      • Suggest an additional type of Media Channel
      • Name/Label
        • Suggest clear separate name/label for Electrical and Optical
      • Use of SOTU and MOTU to name optical interface cause confusion
    • Modification to the draft LS text was made
  • Action item - Stephen Shew: To post the updated version for further comment until July 19, and then transmit to SG15 for its October 2018 plenary meeting
  • Stephen was requested by Nigel to review the text in draft TR-512.4 section for sanity check.

Continue the discussion of the Photonic model

  • With protection at OTSi-NMC
  • Without protection on NMC
    • It was noted that the NMC FC is needed in the ROADM even when there is no monitoring. Just the SMC is not enough. Need the NMC there for configuration such as attenuation.

Action Items