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  • 2018-07-05 OIMT Meeting Notes
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05 July 2018



  • Karthik Sethuraman
  • Stephane St-Laurent


  • Admin
    • LS to SG15 on SMC and TAPI OAM
  • July 2018 Deliverable
  • TAPI models on Photonic & OTSi and Equipment

Discussion Items

IM-DJuly 2018 DeliverablesKam/Nigel
  • Reviewer assignment
  • Aim to start the 2-week reveiw on July 9th. All documents will be posted before.
  • Agreed that the publication date on the documents will be July 2018 eventhough the available date may actually be into August.
  • TR-512 v1.4 deliverable for review
    • Nigel walked through the new material in A.4, mainly from section 3.3.3 and on
IM-EAdministrativeStephane & Stephen
  • LS to SG15 on SMC
    • Stephen shared two slides genarated from the G.798 adaptation functions of OTSi and photonic.
    • Material was reviewed. Liaison will be drafted for next week.
    • Comment: Will OpenROADM take this into account?
  Karthik & Andrea
  • LS to SG15 on TAPI OAM
  • No discussion
  • Photonic & OTSi model
 Wireless TransportMartinNo discussion
IM-F  Cancelled

Action Items