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  • 2018-06-28 OIMT Meeting Notes


28 June 2018



  • Admin 
    • ONF URN Namespace registration
    • Eclipse release
    • Outgoing LS
  • Model Design Patterns
  • July 2018 deliverables and review
  • TAPI Photonic & OTSi model

Discussion Items

IM-DAdmin - URNKam
 Admin - Eclipse & PapyrusKam
 Admin - LSKam
  • LS to SG15 on SMC
    • Ottawa meeting AI - Stephane & Stephen: Provide a LS to SG15 regarding the SMC and SMCA and SMC XC definitions targeted for G.media & G.media.mgm
  • LS to SG15 on TAPI OAM
    • Ottawa meeting AI - Karthik & Andrea: Provide LS to Q14/15 on the TAPI OAM
 Design PatternsChris
  • Per Ottawa AI, Chris has updated the GoF patterns slide
    • Color code of the slide
      • Red: no value/useful to us;
      • Green: may be appropriate for us to use
    • Chris noted that this is just his opinion only;
      • Nigel agreed
    • Useful patterns could be included in the UML guidelines as appendix or separate document
    • Scott: Why Decorator & Facade are just for method? they can be for attribute too
      • Chris/Nigel: The GoF book (Small Talk) is only talk about these on method
      • Scott: method = ?= operation
    • Should discuss these pattern in more details to see if they are useful or not
      • Schedule follow up call
 July 2018 DeliverablesBernd
  • Guidelines deliverable & review
    • TR-514 v1.3 UML
    • TR-515 v1.3 Papyrus
    • TR-531 v1.1 UML-YANG
  • Review period of the first review ended on June 26.
  • Bernd noted that no comment received on UML and UML-YANG guidelines, one comment on Papyrus Guideline regarding installing specific Papyrus version.
    • Issue on downloading specific version of Papyrus
    • Bernd will update the Guidelines document to have this additional method.
      • Warning on not to receive notification of new version and not to do automatic update for the latest version
  Nigel & Kam
  • Reviewer
    • Chris: Control (.8)
    • Stephen: Software (.12, A.13)
  • TR-512 v1.4
    • Nigel is still working on A.4, in particular related to SMC, SMCA, NMC, NMCA, ...; (as the photonic & OTSi model discussion is still on going)
      • general pattern xMC;
      • bidirectional end;
      • no stable description yet;
      • definition improved;
      • improve the flow of the description/document;
      • OTSiA
      • monitor of the photonic signal
      • provide a list of properties of the media that measurement can be performed; photonic measurement is become easier; the model should be future prove, extensible
      • media channel,
      • clean up,
    • Also working on F&T (.2), Topology (.4), Physical/Equipment (.6)
    • Aim for ready-for-review by mid-next-week
IM-E & IM-FPhotonic & OTSi modelKarthik
  • Continued the OTSi model discussion. Much is on Transponder side
    • Starting view of the model from the previous discussion
  • Much of the discussion was on Transponder side.
  • After much discussion (> 2 hours), the latest view of the model is as follow
    • Note the use of OTSiGe to emphasize the electrical ("e") nature of the signal.
      • The discussion noted that in G.798 (e.g., see Figures 1-2 below), the use of OTSiG (or OTSi) in the adaptation functions is not quite right because the signals on the server side are still electrical. It is only below the OTSi modulator/de-modulator that the signals are optical and there the OTSiG is representing the grouping of the OTSi optical signal stream.
      • Open for better terms