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  • 2018-06-21 OIMT Meeting Notes
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21 June 2018



  • Administrative
    • TR-512, TR-514, TR-515, & TR-531 publication plan
    • Outgoing LS
  • TR-512 v1.4 deliverable review
  • TAPI
  • WT

Discussion Items

IM-DTR-512 v1.4 deliverable reviewNigel/Kam
  • Review initiated
    • TR-512.6 (Physical),
    • TR-512.8 (Control),
    • TR-512.12 (software).
    • TR-512.A.13 (Software examples)
    • TR-514 (UML),
    • TR-515 (Papyrus),
    • TR-531 (UML-YANG)
  • To be initiated soon
    • TR-512.2 (Forwarding & Termination)
    • TR-512.4 (Topology)
    • TR-512.A.4 (Analog examples)
    • TR-512.A.6 (Packet examples)
  • To be initiated next week
  • Action - Chris Hartley: Identify the criteria/process promoting the lifecycle. From preliminary to mature needs to be proven for at least several releases.
  • Action - Nigel Davis: Identify the artifacts that their lifecycle have been promoted.
  • Summary of Ottawa meeting
    • Actions
  • Papyrus Phonton version

    • Scott is testing

  • TR-512 v1.4 and TR-514, TR-515, TR-531 publication plan re-cap
    • Review plan
    • June 18-22: TR-512.6 (Physical), .8 (Control), and .12 (software). A.13 (Software examples)
    • June 20-26: TR-514 (UML), TR-515 (Papyrus), TR-531 (UML-YANG)
  • IPR, disclaimer, etc. information of the guidelines documents
    • The Guidelines documents will be published as ONF documents, instead of IISOMI documents
    • The Guidelines documents will use the same IPR, disclaimer, and "Important Note" text as the TR-512 v1.3.1 text.
 TAPI joint discussionKarthik
  • Photonic model
  • Equipment model: didn't discussed in Ottawa (not discussed)
 WT joint discussionMartin 
IM-FTR-512 v1.4 deliverable reviewNigel/KamSession cancelled

Action Items