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  • 2018-05-24 OIMT Meeting Notes
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24 May 2018





Discussion Items

IM-DAdmin: Ottawa meeting
 Admin: Liaisons 
  • Note: TR-512.A.4 and TR-512.8 both sent to ITU-T. Both were unapproved, unreviewed drafts.
  • Responses received
  • It was noted that ITU-T had not yet responded to the specific questions on OCL
    • It is suggested that a response include a request for response on the OCL questions
  • It was agreed that we shoul:
    • Develop requirements related to constraints
    • Consider continuing to use stereotypes as labels
    • Consider using "Enumerated" constraints where there is OCL behind the Enumeration literals in the longer term

V1.4 topics

  • Photonic model update (Nigel)
    • Action: Nigel: Add parameters to the photonic model
    • Action: Nigel: Nigel to set out the model and to explore the representation in PC form
  • ControlConstruct model tidy up and update (Nigel)
    • Nigel ran through the liaised document briefly and showed various updates. A key addition is the view of control, processing and forwarding together in one diagram that emphasizes the common patterns
  • Software model (Chris, Nigel)
  • Equipment (Nigel)
IM-EAdmin: Ottawa meeting 
  • Nigel noted that he will now not be able to travel due to personal reasons.
  • oimt2018.KL.005.01.june-agenda-plan… was reviewed and updated

    Steve noted that as the hotel reservation deadline has passed, please contact Jennifer Major,  Catering Sales Manager
    Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa Kanata I 101 Kanata Avenue ON  K2T 1E6 at

 Wireless Transport None

Action Items