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  • 2018-05-17 OIMT Meeting Notes
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17 May 2018




    • IM-D:   
    • IM-E:
      • TAPI  
        • Progress the Equipment model for TAPI
        • ? Other TAPI topics (Karthik)
      • Wireless transport
        • ? (Martin)
    • IM-F:    Cancelled

Discussion Items

IM-DAdmin: Ottawa meeting
  • Not covered in detail.
  • Nigel noted that he will now not be able to travel due to personal reasons.
 Admin: Liaison attachments 

V1.4 topics

  • Photonic model update (Nigel)
    • Nigel ran through the liaised document emphasizing that this was essentially a collection of the work already discussed along with some explanatory text.
    • There were some concerns about the use of the LTP and a suggestion that perhaps this should be PC. Nigel emphasized that this was a familiar way of modelling networking that would ease migration and that in this work the underlying pattern of Component-System has been further emphasized.
    • It was suggested that overlaying real parameters would help
    • Action: Nigel: Add parameters to the photonic model
    • Action: Nigel: Nigel to set out the model and to explore the representation in PC form
  • ControlConstruct model tidy up and update (Nigel)
    • Nigel ran through the liaised document briefly and showed various updates. A key addition is the view of control, processing and forwarding together in one diagram that emphasizes the common patterns

  • Software model (Chris, Nigel)
  • Equipment (Nigel) - Deferred to IM-E
  • Plan for December 3 - 7 Meeting
    • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: Most of the time will be one room (OIMT & OTCC joint)
    • Anything to demo? Suggestion:
      • Hand-on TAPI workshop
        • Including Tooling
  • Rough plan for 2019
    • 1Q (February or March 18-22) in Darmstadt, Germany (Middle Hemisphere), host by DT (To be confirmed)
    • 2Q in Asia (China, Japan), need host
    • 3Q in Australia (Weather in September in Australia will be fine) Host: Cisco (Chris),
    • 4Q in California, co-located with ONF "CONNECT 2019" workday 
  • Progress of ONF URN NID
    • Kam & Scott will work on the draft for applying the root node NID from IANA
  • Equipment model for TAPI
    • Access Group: Group of pins
      • It is the most abstract part of the equipment model, above it is functional. At the boundary of physical and functional, it is physical
    • Cable is a bunch of strands, has length, has connectors (can have more than one connector at a cable end); cable is out side plant
    • A strand is a single fiber (or copper wire), has length, has type;
    • Strand (strand span)
    • Pin, Pin Group


 Wireless Transport Not discussed
IM-FTR-512 v1.4Nigel
  • ControlConstruct model tidy up and update
    • No update until this morning,
  • Photonic model update 
    • Nigel is updating to add the "Strand" object class, Cable bundles Strand, Strand has serial component strands,

  • Software model 
    • Chris and Nigel had discussion earlier this week, some twist, Nigel regenerated the document, Chris will review; should be ready by end of May
  • Lifecycle updates – State transition review 
    • Not discussed (too few people in the call), plan for May 31st in IM-D or IM-E

Action Items