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  • 2018-04-12 OIMT Meeting Notes
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12 April 2018



Discussion Items

IM-DV1.4 TopicsMalcolm & Chris
  • ControlConstruct - Control view
    • Chris shared his model sketch on Control view
      • ControlConstruct X wants to expose the contents of ConstraintDomain Y to ControlConstruct Z
        • The term "exposure" from Nigel's model sketch is used here and "Session" is added assuming it is for a period of time.
      • Exposure Session is a linking class (Nigel's ViewMapping class). All its associaiton ends are *.
      • Instance diagram below.
        • CC1 exposes PC2 to CC2, but not PC1.
        • The above tried to show that ControlDomain is not a view, rather it's just a grouping. The ExposureSession uses the CD grouping.
    • Exposure Session: security, etc.
      • Lifecycle
    • Action item -Nigel Davis: Will improve the model sketch in line with Chris sketch; aim to have a stable version
    • Suggestion: Liaise to SG15 for May 14 Nanjing meeting
  • Name Mapping & Name Space
    • Keep Name mapping and abstraction (refactoring of aggregation) separate
    • Refactoring: from local view, abstracting, resulted in another view
      • This is different from the model refactoring (e.g., Core model refactored into TAPI model)
    • G.800 going up/down the layer, there are common pattern with common rules
  • Software Model
    • Nigel reported on what have been updated for TR-512.12 and A.13.
      • File, FileSystemEntry, RunningSoftwareProcess, Directory,
    • All still experimental
  • Lifecycle updates - State transition
    • New version oimt2018.MB.001.01_draft-TR-512.3_v1.4.0 posted,
    • Main challenge to address: before describing the state transition, the object in the various places that it can appear, that is a challenge, i
    • Some suggestions
    • Pull usage state up, get into the context before going into the details.
  • Profile update for generic UML model header information (discussed in IM-F)
    • Action item - Bernd Zeuner:
      • Update the profile according to the agreement on the header infomation.
      • Update to the OpenInterfaceModelAttribute according to the agreement on the BitsDefinition
      • Change BitsDefinition to BitDefinition
      • Also update the UML modeling guidelines
  • December F2F meeting
    • Cassandra 3/29: There will be a ONF day, which will be a member workday, CORD build, and ONOS build wrapped into one. It's in the works for December. It will be held in the Bay Area, most likely the Santa Clara Marriott.

    • Cassandra 4/6: "ONF will most likely be hosting a large meeting called 'ONF Global' over that same week. I've told Kam and Nigel about it. We will be signing the contract next week and confirming to host it at the Santa Clara Marriott. We would like to encourage groups to plan meetings here and encourage attendance of the Global meeting."
      • Ask Cassandra: the format (e.g., Science Fair, etc.), will other groups ONOS, ODTN, participate too,
      • If in CA, similar to 2017.11
    • Not to make decision now whether we will meet in CA or Australia. Wait one more week for confirmation from Cassandra, hopefully by next Monday (4/16) at the latest.
    • Information:
      • Invitation from Q14 to attend its Stockholm meeting (8/6-10);
      • SG15 plenary meeting October 8-19
  • Obtaining Root NID for ONF
 Media model LSMalcolm
  • Draft outgoing LS on Media Mgmt model to SG15
    • oimt2018.LS.008.00_to_SG15-media-model
      • Reviewed,
      • Need to attach the yet to be updated TR-512.A.4 v1.4 (Nigel is updating), will note that it is still a draft,
      • LS text will highlight the relevant figures in A.4 that SG15 should look at
        • Karthik: Core relevant part of A.4 is okay, only the TAPI related stuff need further discussion
      • Use the ONF LS template
      • Action item - Malcolm Betts: Update LS
 Controller model LSNigel
  • Draft outgoing LS on Controller model to ETSI ISG ZSM, SG15, MEF, OASIS
 OCL usage LSBernd
 ONAP modelNigel
  • Feedback on ONAP meeting session in ONS (To be discussed in IM-F)
    • Nigel presented what he presented to ONAP on March 25, 2018 at the ONAP modeling session in ONS
      • ONAP has modified their model based on the input and is moving toward TR-512. Very positive.
    • Action item - Nigel Davis: To post the slide on wiki
    • "Structural Model" means not operations, not function that acting on thing,
  • Review the v1.3.1 Core Equipment for TAPI to identify improvement within 1.4
  • Not discussed
  • WT Plan
  • Not discussed


Packet example


A.6 Packet example. Continue the Tuesday April 10 OT-IM discussion (2018-04-10 OT-IM Meeting Notes)

  • Inverse multiplexing / LAG model
    • TR-512.3 v1.3.1 Figure 4-38
      • To show the same pattern can be used for multi-level of inverse multiplexing, the pattern,
      • No intention of using this for media
      • VLAN is a channel
      • Right top, n clients & m channel,
      • Right bottom: 1 channel per server
      • Action - Nigel Davis: Improve the figure
  • FIg. 4-3 of oimt2018.XY.001.09_Draft-TR-512.A.6
    • Instruction of updating Figure 4-3:
      • Should be no termination in the middle LTP
      • ETY is physical, so change their color to purple
      • Remove the white dot from the ETY LTP. There is not connection.
      • Truncate the ETYn so that not to be explicit what is further below.
      • The discussion assumes that Figure 4-3 is to illustrate what is shown in Figure 7-32 of G.8052 (extracted below).
        • Done: update Figure 4-3
      • Add text below Figure 4-3 to state that
        • The LAF example in Figure 4-3 of A.6 shows only one level of inverse multiplexing, and the general pattern of inverse multiplex described in Section 4.12 & Figure 4-38 of TR-512.3 can be applied for multiple level of inverse multiplexing.
          • Done: insert new text below Figure 4-3
  • Figreu 4-4 oimt2018.XY.001.09_Draft-TR-512.A.6
    • The discussion confirmed that PW can be considered as a layer
    • Should remove the bottom black dot
      • White dot is for to connection
      • Black dot never can be at the bottom, only at the top of the adaptation function
        • Done: update Figure 4-4

Action Items