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  • 2018-04-05 OIMT Meeting Notes
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04 April 2018



Discussion Items

  • Outgoing Liaison Statements planned during the London meeting.
    • Action item - Kam: Get the ITU-T LS (LS-112) text to Nigel
      • DONE
    • London Meeting Action Items:
      • Nigel Davis: Draft LSs to share the Control Model
      • To:
        • SG15 (as response)
        • ZSM (as response)
        • MEF
        • TOSCA
      • Malcolm Betts: Draft LSs to share the media model
      • To:
        • SG15
        • MEF
      • Explore how to send liaison to ONAP or not
  • Nigel shared the draft response(s) for SG15, ZSM, and MEF/TOSCA
  • Malcolm shared draft for SG15 (cc MEF)
  • Feedback on ONAP Modeling Sessions in ONS
    • Nigel attended the Sunday March 25 session and Karthik and Kam attended the Friday March 30 session.
    • There are major issues with the design patterns (composite/atomic, decorator) on the presented MCM model. The erronous cardinalitis of the associations cause infinite loop.
 TR-512 v1.4Xiang
  Chris & Malcolm
  • ControlConstructs & NameSpace
    • Chris reported that there were off-line correspondence with Nigel and Malcolm.
      • Control access right (view), ConstraintDomain defines the scope/boundary,
    • Outcome will be presented next week. Aim to schedule it in the early part of IM-D.
IM-ETR-514 UMLBernd
  • Generic UML model header information
    • New stereotype "OpenModelStatement"
      • Triggered by the YANG needs
      • It has been discussed in IISOMI UML-YANG subteam
      • Outcome of discussion is in iisomi2018.BZ.003.06_YANG-ModuleHeaderInformation.docx
      • The profile is not on GitHub yet.
      • Will include other updates, such as bitDefinition, and post the updated version of the profile onto GitHub
        • Proposal 2 of bitsDefinition in the OpenInterfaceProfile
      • There is general support of Proposal 2
      • bitDefinition is the InterfaceProfile
    • Agree tp formally liais the profile updates to other SDOs.
 TAPIKarthik, Nigel
 WTMartinNot discussed
  • Dave presented the MEF Liaison statement and the attachment
      • 8.1.2 Physical Layer Service attribute and
      • 8.2.3 Service Level specification Service attribute
    • Comment - Nigel: Consider using OCL for specifying the attribute requirements
  • Action item - Karthik Sethuraman & Andrea Mazzini: TAPI team to follow up on the supporting of the service attributes in connectivity service. And then for MEF to leverage in NRM.

Action Items