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  • 2018-03-22 OIMT Meeting Notes
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22 March 2018



  • Admin
    • Summary of London F2F meeting
      • Action items
      • Process of the planned outgoing LSs
    • Update on the planning of December 2018 Sydney F2F meeting 
    • ONS Modeling Sessions 
  • v1.4 topics
    • Controller model
    • Functional Protection 
    • Association atomic/composite
    • Packet examples

Discussion Items

  • Summary of London F2F Meeting
    • Action items
      • OTSi model:
        • Malcolm pointed out the OSC is mandatory only in OTN, not in photonic. Need to sort this issue out in SG15.
          • Action item - Malcolm: include this concern in the outgoing LS to SG15
    • Planned outgoing LS
  • Future meetings
    • Update on the planning of December 2018 Sydney F2F meeting
      • Room booked (24 each), In Sydney
    • Bernd mentioned that he heard there will be a CORD BUILD meeting in December in the Bay area. Date not known yet. No information on the ONF website yet. Visa is a concern.
      • Action item - Kam/Nigel: Check with Cassandra about the CORD meeting date.
    • 2019 plan
      • 1Q in Darmstadt, Germany, host by DT (To be confirmed)
      • 2/3Q in Canada, need host
      • 4Q (before Christmas) in Asia, need host
 TR-512 v1.4 topicsChris / Malcolm / Nigel
  • Controller model
    • Chris went through the updates per London discussion
    • Malcolm: concern with the Master & slave names
    • Discussed the concern Karthik raised against the class name ConstraintDomain
      • The discussion agrees to stay with the term.
      • Need to consider mapping between ConstraintDomain with roles (for a particular role with a particular client/server). This will help explain how to use the model.
IM-F Nigel / Malcolm
  • Functional Protection (Not discussed)
  Bernd / Nigel
  • Association atomic/composite (Not discussed)
  • Photonic Model
    • Action item - Nigel Davis: To improve the slide 2 diagram
      • Further piece diagrams will be helpful for understanding
      • Stephen suggested to look at G.680 Figure I.2 "ROADM with amplifiers" and G.697 Figures IV.3, IV.4, & IV.5
      • Add a "gain" case to A.4

Action Items