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  • 2018-03-08 OIMT Meeting Notes
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08 March 2018



  • Administrative
    • London F2F Meeting Agenda
    • Future meetings
    • ONAP March 30 Friday Modeling session in ONS 2018
  • TR-512 v1.4 topics
    • Controller model 
    • Packet examples 
    • Operations Pattern 
    • ForwardingEntity Pac usage  
  • Wireless Transport joint discussion
    • Model backward compatibility recap
    • Technical topics

Discussion Items

 TR-512 v1.4 TopicsChris Hartley & Malcolm Betts

Controller Model (TR-512.8)

  • Controller thoughts (Chris)
    • Generic relationship (neighbor), which could be client-sever or peer
    • Support of reliability (redundancy)
    • Support recursiveness
  • Model of a SDN Controller (Malcolm)
    • Use ControlConstruct and ConstraintDomain to model the Controller
      • Redundancy is not explicitly shown
      • Could show the client or sever role of the ControlConstruct
  Xiang YUN

Packet examples (TR-512.A.6)

  • oimt2018.XY.001.06_Draft-TR-512.A.6 (Xiang) was reviewed for the updates done based on last week's discussion
  • Comments from review:
    • Figure 4-2 (a) frame format diagram
      • Question raised why the ether types are not consistently shown, some explicit (e.g., 0x88e7), some not.
        • Need to be verified with the IEEE specification.
          • DONE: IEEE 802.1Q Ethernet Type allocations are as following:

            • Tag Type of Customer VLAN Tag is 0x8100;

            • Tag Type of Service VLAN Tag of Backbone VLAN Tag is 0x88a8;

            • Tag Type of Backbone Service Instance Tag is 0x88e7.

    • Figure 4-2 (b),
      • BMAC should be grey (it is a floating TP),
      • B-TAG should be either grey or with a truncated line below it
        • DONE: use grey for BMAC and B-TAG.
    • Fgure 4-3,
      • The bottom black dot should be white dot,
      • ETYn should be grey (it is floating)
        • DONE: use white dot and grey color.
  • Discussed whether the S-TAG and I-TAG are layers/termination or not
    • Have follow up off-line discussion in London
  Nigel Davis

Operations Pattern (TR-512.10) (not discussed)

  • To be discussed F2F next week (Thursday slot 2)
  Nigel Davis

Forwarding Entity Pac usage (not discussed)

  • To be discussed next week in the Termination slots (Monday afternoon)
IM-EWireless Transport ioint discussionMartin Skorupski

Model backward compatibility recap (not discussed)

Technical topics

  • Device Management Interface Profile
    • The scope is broader than Wireless Transport.
    • Planned to discuss the topic F2F next week.
      • Tuesday 4th slot
 TR-512 v1.4 TopicsAllv1.4 Status & Progress (not discussed)

Action Items