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  • 2018-02-22 OIMT Meeting Notes


22 February 2018




  • Administrative
    • TR-543 (OpenAPI) & TR-544 (ProtoBuf)
    • Liaison
    • London March meeting
    • Future meetings
    • V1.4 status/progress
  • TR-512 v1.4 topics
    • Packet examples (A.6)
    • Control model (.8), PC (.11), & Operation pattern (.10)
    • ForwardingEntity Pac usage
  • TAPI joint discussion
  • WT joint discussion

Discussion Items

  • TR-543 v1.0-info UML-OpenAPI Mapping Guidelines
    • Kam reported that the document has been sent to Cassandra for posting on https://www.opennetworking.org/software-defined-standards/models-apis/.
    • Kam noted that due to IISOMI IPR/Licience/Copyright concerns, TR-543 will stay as a ONF document and will not be a shell document like TR-514, TR-515, and TR-531.
    • Currently TR-514 (UML Modeling Guidelines) is a shell document pointing to IISOMI-514 for the guidelines. Will revise TR-514 so that it is a self-content document and no need to point to IISOMI-514. Similarly revise TR-515 and TR-531.
  • TR-544 v1.0-info UML-ProtoBuf Mapping Guidelines
    • So far no feedback from ONOS.
    • The meeting agreed to go ahead to publish TR-544 without waiting for ONOS feedback.
    • Action item - Kam/Nigel: Submit the document to Cassandra and Timon for publishing
      • DONE; Submitted.
  • Liaison
  • London March 12-16 F2F meeting: Face-to-Face Meetings
  • 11-15 June 2018 F2F meeting:
  • Invitation to 6-10 August 2018 ITU-T Q14/15 Stockholm meeting
  • 2019 Meeting Plan: Tentative plan. Need hosts
    • 1Q in China (question)
    • 2/3 Q in Canada (question)
    • 4Q (before Christmas) in Europe
  • Section 3.2: This section has been updated according to the input from last week's discussion. The update was reviewed and accepted.
  • Section 4: The use of the purple color for the non-physical layer is not right. Should be corrected to follow the color convention.
    • DONE: The purple color for non-physical layer was modified.
  • Section 4.4: It was suggested to remove the current section 4.4. as it seems redundant with the current Figure 3-2 regarding circult layer and Ethernet layer.
    • Will delete the current section 4.4. and recreate to focus on the Ethernet tagging aspects (C-tag, S-tag).
      • DONE: The section 4.4 was deleted.
 Control modelChris
  • Chris described what he has updated to the slide pack of last week
    • Added the ControlConstructControlsConstraintDomain association
    • Noted that to keep the diagrams simple, use PC to represent all of the functions PC, LTP, FC, FD, SoftwareProcess …

    • Explained why not to have a Control Domain (the ControlSystemView) class
      • To avoid unnecessary duplication of the existing association among the ConstriantDomain & PC, LTP, FC, etc.
    • Add the NE boundary in the diagram aiming to help people to relate the new model construct (concept) to their traditional/ingrained NE concept.
    • Rename Control Component to ControlConstruct
  • Action item - Chris: To post the updated slide deck.
  • Karthik reported that they are working on TAPI 2.0.1 release and on the Termination point model
 Wireless TransportMartin
  • Martin reported that Thostern is proposing a TR for Device Management Interface Definition (DMID)
  • Martin reported that the WT 5th POC will base on the TR-512 v1.3.1 Core model
  • Karthik asked Martin the purpose of the WT OTN YANG in Centenial.
    • Martin explained that the WT OTN YANG is temporary to address the problem of WT taking the TAPI YANG into OpenDaylight, specically regarding the -g for signifying grouping
    • Karthik: The TAPI YANG has no problem;
    • Martin will look at the TAPI SNOWMASS YANG
    • Martin and Karthik will talk off-line at the London meeting

Discussion on compatibility issues:

  • Many aspects of compatibility: Tooling, model profile, model, model artifact lifecycle, YANG, schema, codes,
  • Methods to address compatibility issues: versioning, profiling, transformation statement/model,
  • Need to make indication/signature of the version visible
  • Need clear indicationof the environment
  • Recognize there is sliding scale of compatibility
  • Model changes: labe/name, structure, semantics/behaviour, ...
  • Is there indication in UML regarding model artifact (e.g., class, attribute, operation, ...) transformation
  • Action item - all: to explore what existing techniques in the sofeware community, in UML, ...
IM-FTR-512 v1.4 topicsChris/Nigel
  • Control model, Processing Construct, and Operation Pattern
    • Nigel walked through the updates to the model
      • ....
 V1.4 Status/ProgressAll
  • oimt2018.KL.001.03_oimt-work-items
    • Status of the v1.4 items were checked.
      • All confirmed, except item #6 Resilience is yet to be confirmed by Karthik
    • Action item - To-be-removed: Please confirm whether item 6 Resilience will be on schedule for v1.4 or not.
  • ForwardingEntity Pac Usage:
    • Not discussed. Running out of time. Defer to next week.

Action Items