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  • 2018-02-15 OIMT Meeting Notes
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14 February 2018




  • V1.4 topics
    • Control model and Processing Construct
    • Packet examples
    • Lifecycle document
    • ForwardingEntity Pac usage
    • Operations Pattern
  • TAPI
  • Wireles Transport
  • Admin
    • UML-OpenApi Mapping Guidelines publication
    • Liaisons: ITU-T, ZSM, ...
    • London March 12-16 meeting
    • 2018 meeting planning
    • V1.4 items status/progress 

Discussion Items

IM-DV1.4 topicsChris/Nigel
  • Control model and Processing Construct (Task 2b)
    • Chris walked throught the contribution ONF_T2b_PC_ControlComponent.pptx
    • Comment (Malcolm): Need to explore
      • Redundancy aspect
      • The control of the yellow pipe (LTP, Link, FC etc.) in slide 9
    • Action item - Nigel: Take the contribution as input for v1.4 of TR-512.8 and TR-512.11
    • Comment (Malcolm)
      • The model is relevant to the Control aspect in G.7701 and G.7702
    • Action item - Nigel: set up call with Malcolm, Stephen, ... to look at Chris' model
  • Packet examples
    • Kam presented oimt2018.XY.001.02_Draft-TR-512.A.6 for Xiang
    • Discussion was mainly on Figures 3-2 and 3-3
    • Comments
      • Figure 3-2 Ethernet over SDH
        • Why Ethernet over SDH. This is not typical in today's network deployment. Suggest to provide rationale
        • The orientation of the left side ETY should reversed. Move ETY to further left and reverse the orientation
      • Figure 3-3 STM-1 Circuit Emulation Service over Ethernet
        • Similar move fo the TPs. Move the left side STM-1 stack to further left and reverse the orientation.
    • Action item - Xiang/Kam: update the figures accordingly.
  • Lifecycle
    • Latest draft in oimt2017.MB.001.02.entity-lifecycle…
    • Action item - Malcolm: to add the material to TR-512.3 in v1.4, primarily in section 3.2.6.
    • Try to use PPT for the diagrams in the deliverable document.
  • ForwardingEntity Pac usage
    • Not discussed. Defer discussion to next week
  • Operations Pattern
    • Action item - Nigel: To update the model to align with Chris's contribution, then build the Operations pattern model and do the documentation before the London meeting.
  • Karthik described where we are:
    • TAPI 2.0 release at the end of Dec. 2017
    • Aim for 2.0.1 this week
    • Got couple tractions in the industry recently
      • OIF interop will be using TAPI 2.0, aim to fix to make it real and can be used by developer
      • Will focus on the ODU model, need to discuss
      • ODTN project chooses TAPI for the NBI, thus need L0 & OTSi. ODTN's SBI is using OpenConfig, implementing TAPI in ONOS (TAPI YANG has been compiled in ONOS)
      • MEF NRP, it is based on TAPI, its standard document has been approved.
    • May need renaming some artifacts,
    • May need bidirectional association,
    • Need the ODU and OTSi models, augmenting the SIP, CEP, with the Spec; OTSi is of more highter priority than ODU.
      • Scheduel to have discussion in next OT-IM session,
      • Action item - Kam: will look at the ITU-T Recommendations (G.709, G.798, G.874.1) to get the attributes/parameters that need to be included.
 Wirless TransportMartin
  • Model backward compatibility
  • London face to face meeting attendance final clarification
    • WT will have sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
    • So Thursay is good to have joint session. No meeting on Friday
    • Comment: It will be better if the joint sessions be earlier in the week so that there is opportunity to address issues
  • Technical topics
    • Synchronization (PTP) management model
  • Where we are:
    • Now is analysing the model to adopt to the Core Model aiming for the next PoC, such as the deprecating NE with ConstraintDomanin, this brings to the backward compatibility concern
    • Would like to have joint session in London, discuss the model changes, should recognize the lifecycle, deprecate & obsolete,
    • In v1.4 should make Control model experimental,
    • Also make it clear in the model that when a constrcut is deprecated state when it will migrate to obsolete,
      • Although some of this information is in the description documents, it is embedded in the large document, it is worth to put this information in the UML model
      • Where to put this kind of information in the model? Use the comment field of the class?
    • Actionn item - Kam: To reveiw the v1.4 model data dictionary for the deprecation fields, and validate that the comment field of the construct and explain the reason of the deprecation and provide the target date (e.g., 5 year?) for obsoletion.
  • UML-OpenApi Mapping Guidelines (TR-543 v1.0-info) publishing
    • Action item - Kam/Nigel: Got Cassandra to post on the Library
  • UML-ProtoBuf Mapping Guidelines (TR-544 v1.0-info)
    • Need to get ONOS folks to provide feedback
  • Liaisons
    • ITU-T: See 2018-02-13 OT-IM Meeting Notes
      • ITU-T TD144/PLEN (SG15)
        • Annex M "Initiation of approval of SDN Architecture Recommendations"
          • This has relation to the Control component model
        • Annex D: Modeling coordination accross SDOs
        • Annex E: Comment on IETF Alarm YANG module
        • Annex F: Q14/15 models, new work items, tool and profile up-version, invitation to Q14/15 August 2018 Stockholm meeting.
          • Model information about versions of tools, profile etc. Follow up in IISOMI infrastructure call next week
    • ETSI ISG ZSM: ZSM(18)000046r5_LSout_to_Key_SDOs_on_the_Formation_of_the_ISG_ZSM.pdf
      • Should have a response to this LS, similar to the ITU-T
        • Action item - Kam/Nigel: to draft a response
    • Any others
  • 2018 meeting planning
    • Ottawa June 11-15 meeting: CIena and Ericsson cannot host. Need a host.
      • Consider moving to somewhere else. Bernd to ask; Malcolm to ask ZTE after the Chinese New Year holiday;
    • Invitation of Q14/15 August 6-10 Stockholm meeting
 V1.4 status/progressKam/Nigel
  • Which items will come in and which will need to be moved out
    • Not discussed. Defer to next week.

Action Items