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  • 2018-01-25 OIMT Meeting Notes
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25 January 2018



  • V1.4
  • Administrative
  • TAPI
  • WT

Discussion Items

IM-Dv1.4 topicsChris

Association constraint

Chris talked through the rationale. The critical value is in constraining the system instance structure formed by the instantia of a number of interrelated classes.

Malcolm agreed that this is important and relates to work in G.800.

Chris moved on to the case where a class loops must not form an instance loops.

There was a brief discussion about more complex foldback spirals etc.

Chris then moved on to constraints on constraints and multi-loop constraints.

Need to not try to boil the ocean, but need to explore.

This is a vital capability to enable true automation and zero touch.

Malcolm asked for the contribution to be posted.

Chris will post with the original number with CH in the number as per the new scheme.

Chris noted that OMG may have done some work on this.

Nigel noted that Chris Lauwers is using Papyrus IML to capture the TOSCA metamodel and that he may want to leverage our work.

Action: Nigel: Contact Chris Lauwers regarding Tosca work in this area.


Packet layer example (TR-512.A.6)

Nigel noted that some of the figures in .A.5 needed to be adjusted during the final editing cycle so taht they aligned with the key in TR-512.1. Nigel suggested that Xiang take a look at the formal 1.3.1 release at

Looked at the figure showing STM-1 circuit emulation over Ethernet.

There were several concerns with the figure.

  • VC needs to be cleaned up as a terminology
  • Orientation of flow is inverted (SDH should be over Ethernet)
  • etc

Action: Malcolm & Xiang: Meet during ITU-T meeting, face to face, to discuss and construct two figures, one for Ethernet over SDH and the other for SDH over Ethernet.



Topology example usage (not covered in the meeting)

  • Action item - Nigel: Provide some examples.
  ChrisProcessing Construct
  ChrisSoftware (TR-512.12)
  AndreaOAM (TR-512.9)

TR-512 v1.3.1-info Publication

1.4 moving to oxygen Papyrus 3.2.0 RC4

  • New issue with Oxygen
    • Can no longer show the modifiers on the role name
  • Should try to get MEF to use 3.2.0 RC4 (as ONF, ITU-T and ONAP are).
    • Action Andrea/Scott

LS to ITU-T and MEF

  • TR-512_V1.3.1-info will be liaised via
    • LS: LSxxxr1_to_SG15_+_MEF_on ONF TR-512 v1.3.1-info, which is ready to be transmitted
    • Need to add text to the liaison that indicates that ONF allow ITU-T/MEF to use both the published .pdf and the word documents (link provided) for their work in any way necessary so long as credit is given to ONF.
      • e.g the documents are open source and you are free to incorporate them in whole or in part in your stanadards provided that the source of the material is identified.
    • Need other "liaisons" to ONAP, ONOS/CORD, ZSM and TOSCA to alert them to 1.3.1.
    • Action: Nigel/Kam: Propose methods and mechanism.
    • Action: Nigel to chase ONF for ZSM liaison statement.
    • Action: Bernd to determine if the ZSM liaison was sent.
    • Other potential liaisons... TMF, ??

UML-OpenAPI Mapping status

  • The clean version of the updated guidelines document is now available at oimt2018.RJ.001.01_Draft-ONF-TR-xxx_v1.0-info_UML-OpenAPI-Mapping for a one week quick review as a final pass to identify errors and not to make any major enhancements to address the already identified for further study items.
  • Our aim is to send the guidelines document to the OIMT TST by end of this week for approval.
  • We need to discuss with IISOMI whether the ONF document should become a shell referencing an IISOMI document (as for UML-Yang). This would apply to the next version.
  • It will be publised as ONF TR-543_v1.0-info
  • Action: Kam/Nigel: Ask Cassandra to publish.

Protobuf mapping

  • This is to published as TR-544_v1.0-info
  • Agreed to publish
  • Action: Kam/Nigel: Ask Cassandra to publish.
  • Need to continue to chase ONOS and CORD.

IISOMI documents

  • Agreed to continue to use same numbers as the TRs for the IISOMI documents.

March 2018 London Meeting

v1.4 work item status

MEF liaison

  • Action: Nigel: Send cleaned draft to Andrea before end of this week.

Association Constraints

  • Kam asked which document this would be published in and in what timeframe.
  • Nigel pointed out that we do not have a document in 512 that this would fit in.
  • Nigel emphasized that whilst we may want material in 512 (perhaps in a new .A.n document) this would appear to be IISOMI work as it influences all aspects of the model.

Action Items