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  • 2018-01-18 OIMT Meeting Notes
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18 January 2018




  • Admin
    • TR-512 v1.3.1 publication
    • TR-512.A.5 group review (1 week)
    • 2018 meeting logistic and agenda planning
    • Liaison to ITU-T SG15 and MEF on TR-512 v1.3.1
    • OIMT contribution numbering and posting
  • v1.4
    • Work item status and progress
    • UML-OpenAPI Mapping
    • Packet layer example TR-512.A.6 (Xiang)
    • Topology example usage (Nigel)
    • Association constraint (Chris)  (NOT DISCUSSED, defer to next week)
    • Processing Construct (Chris)  (NOT DISCUSSED)
    • Software (Chris)  (NOT DISCUSSED)
    • OAM (Andrea)
  • TAPI Termination point model 
  • Wireless transport discussion 

Discussion Items

  • TR-512 v1.3.1 publication
    • Impact of up-versioning from v1.3 to v1.3.1
      • Agreed with Nigel's proposal regarding version number in the file name
        • Version number appears only in the zip file of the deliverable package, i.e.,
        • No version number in the subordinate files, i.e., change TR-512.2_v1.3_OnfCoreIm-ForwardingAndTermination to TR-512.2_OnfCoreIm-ForwardingAndTermination
          • All the referencing hyperlinks will be updated to remove the version number from the link.
            • This also means that the references will work without modification from release to release. (smile)
            • Confirmed that hyperlinked referencing is still very useful/helpful to the readers.
  • TR-512.A.5 group review
  • 2018 meeting logistic and agenda planning
  • Liaison to ITU-T SG15 and MEF on TR-512 v1.3.1
    • Agreed liaison statement text: LSxxxr1_to_SG15_+_MEF_on ONF TR-512 v1.3.1-info
    • Liaison needs to be sent before end of next week (i.e., before the start of the ITU-T SG15 plenary meeting 29 January - 9 February)
    • Nigel: aiming to have the v1.3.1 package ready by end of next Monday (London time) January 22
      • Kam will then to check the documents to ensure the hyperlinks work fine
    • Kam: Contact Cassandra about the webpage update, aiming ready for posting of v1.3.1
  • OIMT contribution numbering and posting
    • Contribution wiki page for posting: OIMT / Core Model / Contributions
    • Contribution numbering
      • For 2018 contribution:
        • oimt2018.YY.001.01_brief-title
        • oimt2018.BZ.001.01_brief-title
    • Kam: update the instruction in the contribution wiki page
      • DONE
  • Kam/Nigel: Rotate the administrative discussion cyclically at the time slots IM-D, IM-E, IM-F, IM-D, ...
  • Work item status and progress
    • Core model ongoing work items (v4)
      • The work plan of the items were briefly reviewed and updated
      • Kam: To add a column for the designated subordinate document number
      • Need to assign TR-512 sub-number for some othe items, such as item #4 Software

#20: UML-OpenAPI Mapping

    • onf2016.284_UML-_JSON_Mapping_Guide.06
      • The updates in 06 were reviewed and accepted
      • Action - Rick: provide a clean version as oimt2018.RJ.001.01_Draft-ONF-TR-xxx_v1.0-info_UML-OpenAPI-Mapping, the number xxx will be requested from Cassandra
      • Action - Kam/Nigel: Request from Cassandra two TR numbers, for the two mapping guidelines documents (UML-OpenAPI mapping and UML-ProtoBuf Mapping)
      • Action - Kam/Nigel: Initial a 1-week group review
    • Will be published as TR-info
      • ONF-TR-xxx_v1.0-info_UML-OpenAPI-Mapping (shell)
      • IISOMI-xxx_v1.0_UML-OpenAPI-Mapping (meat)
    • Action - Bernd: Schedule IISOMI Infrastructure team to discuss and decide on where in an UML model to provide the legal/administrative information (IPR, Copyrights, license, disclaimer, version, source, etc.), and update the UML modeling guidelines accordingly

#7: Packet layer example TR-512.A.6


#14: Topology example usage

  • Nigel verbally describe the Characteristics of TopologicalEntity in the current model, include the following:
    • Risk,
    • Cost link-based (name, value- string form, algorithm - reference to rule), can be multiple
      • Current document in v1.3.1 already provides the definition of the above parameters
      • Rationale of name and value are string:
        • To provide a label, which is understandable by the controller
      • Karthik: Why not enumeration and extensible, strong type
      • Karthik: why the cost cannot simply be integer?
      • Karthik: keenly looking for examples
        • Action item - Nigel: Provide some examples.
          • May look at the IETF cost parameters
          • Start with a simple example: e.g., the cost of an unprotected link
      • Cost matrix is the cost algorithm
      • Karthik:
      • Karthik: LatencyCharacteristic/trafficPropertyName should be enum,
    • Timing (latency),
    • Integrity
  • Range aspect of the values of the parameters
    • Range statement, which could be complex, depending on some conditions/constraints

#2: Processing Construct (NOT DISCUSSED)


#4: Software (NOT DISCUSSED)

  Andrea#5: OAM  (NOT DISCUSSED)
IM-E Andrea

TAPI Termination point

  • Andrea is still working on it. Need more than before sharing.
  • Aim for next week to present and discuss

TAPI needs to focus more on L0 OTSi model ((R)OADM, XC model), such configuring the frequency slot, to integrate with ONOS

  • Aim to discuss at the OT-IM (IM-A) next week
  • Is the TIP model publicly available? Open ROADM?
    • Answer: No
  • Should consolidate into a single model.
    • Difficulty is that these projects are "close project"
  • Need to look at the ODU Spec model, in particular the OAM

Status update

  • The WT group is discussing how to interwork with TAPI, ONOS, ONAP & ODL,
  • Aim to discuss this at the March 2018 London meeting (Martin will attend)
IM-F  Skipped

Action Items