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  • 2018-01-11 OIMT Meeting Notes


11 January 2018




  • Admin
  • v1.3.1
  • v1.4
  • TAPI Termination point model 
  • Wireless transport discussion 

Discussion Items

  • OIMT & OTCC Presentation slides and video of Nov. 2017 CORD BUILD meetng
  • TR-512 v1.3.1 publication
    • Need document technical content (TR-512.A.5) complete by end next week for Ngel to be able to then do the mechanics and for the team to have a brief (1 week) review before we publish by end of January. Nigel will start on the documents early next week.
    • Kam will consolidate the list of editorial fixes (identified during preparing G.7711 v3.0 (draft) to align with TR-512 v1.31.) for Nigel.
    • Also see 2018-01-04 OIMT Meeting Notes for publication administrative logistic
  • March 12-16, 2018 OTIM & OTCC meeting
    • Location is confirmed. It will be in London. Nigel will provide the logistic document next week.
    • Registration for attending the meeting is needed for logistic arrangement. Please register at the following link.
  • LS to Q14/15 for sharing the TR-512 v1.3.1-info publication
    • To share TR-512 v.1.3.1 with Q14/15 so that G.7711 can be aligned with.
      • G.7711 v3.0 is planned for consent at the upcoming SG15 plenary meeting (Jan. 29 - Feb. 9, 2018)
    • Draft LS text is available for comments. Please review and comment
      • Should it be liaised to MEF too?
        • Andrea & Karthik: yes.
          • To be confirmed by Nigel
        • Action Item: Karthik to provide the MEF contact info for the LS
 v1.4Chris#27: UML-ProtoBuf Mapping Guidelins (Chris)

#20: UML-OpenAPI Mapping Guidelines (Rick)

  • Draft for group review (Nov. 17 - Dec. 2)
  • Comments and correspondence
    • Copyrights, licence, and disclaimer statements in the generated code
      • See discussion in: IISOMI Mapping_Gdl_Call_180110.docx (Section 3.1)
        • UML-xxx Mapping Guideline should require the tool to generate copyright/license/disclaimer statements, taking the language from the source UML model and automatically put the statements at the front of the generated xxx code
          • It is up to the source UML model to decide on the exact wording of the statements
          • Need to decide where in the UML model to have the copyright/licensing/disclaimer statement. This is something for the UML modeling guideline to discuss
          • Should have indication in the generated xxx code, indicating that the code is automatically generated by the tool, and the version of the source Papyrus UML model/file
          • Need to investigate the impact on the TR-512 Papyrus UML files.
            • Aim for v1.4, not for v1.3.1 as we don't want to delay the release of v1.3.1
    • Missing Options & metadata mapping UML-OpenAPI guideline document
      • The UML-OpenAPI mapping guideline document should maintain similar mapping tables as the UML-YANG one. For those UML artifacts that are not supported by OpenAPI, should keep those entries in the table and indicate it is not supported, instead of deleted from the table.

#7: Multi-layer examples TR-512.A.5


#12: Entity States (Lifecycle, Admininstrative, Operational)


#5: OAM

  • Action Item - OAM sub-team: Determine what will be available for 1.4. Would like to have something even if experimental 
 TAPIKarthikKarthik: Andrea is working off line on the TAPI Termination model. May have stuff for discussion next week.

TR-512 v1.3 YANG


Core model ongoing work items (v4), including items for v1.4

Nigel provided the following status report of his items:

  • #1 Controller:
    • Nigel will incorporate the interface/operations work he has been doing into a document for review.
    • Nigel will be constructing the document in the final week of January (assuming he does not get derailed).
  • #3 Spec and scheme spec:
    • Nigel has not made much material progress on this although he is clear in what he needs to do.
    • He thinks this will lead to a small enhancement to the existing text but some richer examples.
    • He will aim to deal with this in the first week of Feb
  • #10 Operations Pattern:
    • This intertwines with the controller work.
    • He will aim to improve the pattern in the second week of Feb.
    • This includes the Intent work really.
  • #14 Topology:
    • As per TAPI, we need to ensure we have examples of use of the general details such as coste etc.
    • Nigel will also need to review the list of outstanding topology features.
    • He will aim for the review at the beginning of next week and the descriptions in the last week of January.
  • #16 P&R methodology:
    • This is quite large and he has not made any progress recently. He will pitch this in to mid Feb.

Malcolm asked what is the target date for v1.4

  • Do we need all the identified v1.4 candidate items in v1.4?
    • For discussion
  • More realistic target date: April 2018.
    • That gives us the opportunity to review the material (document and UML) at the March London meeting.

Action Items