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  • 2018-01-04 OIMT Meeting Notes
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04 January 2018




  • Admin
  • v1.3.1
  • v1.4
  • TAPI Termination point model 
  • Wireless transport discussion (skipped. Martin was not available) 

Discussion Items

  • TR-512 v1.3.1-info publication
    • Location of publication:
    • Descriptive status sentence:
      • Note: this Technical Recommendations has been approved by the Project TST, but has not been approved by the ONF board.  This Technical Recommendation is an update to a previously released TR specification, but it has been approved under the ONF publishing guidelines for ‘Informational’ publications that allow Project technical steering teams (TSTs) to authorize publication of Informational documents.  The designation of ‘-info’ at the end of the document ID also reflects that the project team (not the ONF board) approved this TR.
    • Cleanup ONF site older documents
      • Proposal: Modes-Apis webpage_v1.docx
      • Agreed on the two table format: Modes-Apis webpage_v2.docx
        • First table for the current versions/releases
        • Second table for the previous version/release
      • Action Item - Kam/Nigel: Get Cassandra to start working on this new format for the OIMT publicaions.
    • v1.3.1 will be published once released by the Project TST
  • 2018 meeting plan
    • See Face-to-Face Meetings: London March 12-16
      • Action Item - Nigel: To confirm the location/logistic (availability of meeting rooms) of the March 12-16 London meeting by later today (Jan. 4)
        • Done. Nigel confirmed that rooms are available starting from March 1 on.
      • The week of March 12-16 overlaps with the OFC meeting.
        • Karhik will not be available for Monday for the London, may consider remote participation for Monday and Tuesday. Nigel will provide audio support
        • Meeting venue: Ciena London facility, which is close to the Dec. 2017 London meeting venue.
        • Meeting time: Start Monday 9:00 am, end Friday noon.
        • Same set of hotels as the Dec. 2017 London meeting.
      • Action item - Kam/Nigel: Inform the OIMT, OTCC, WT to confirm that the March 12-16, 2018 meeting will be in London at the Ciena facility
  • Liaison
    • To Q14/15 to share TR-512 v1.3.1
      • Q14/15 aims to consent G.7711 v3.0 at the 29 January - 9 February 2018 SG15 plenary meeting to align with TR-512 v1.3.1
      • Two liaisons
        • One to share TR-512 v1.3.1-info
          • Action Item - Kam/Nigel: To draft the LS text and prepare the attachment
        • Second on to share the plan of TR-512 v1.4-info
          • See discussion below
 v1.3.1 TopicsXiang#7: Multi-layer examples
 v1.4 TopicsRick

#20: UML-OpenAPI Mapping Guidelines (Rick)

  • Jan. 11 IM-D slot to discuss and have closure on comment resolution.
  Chris #27: UML-ProtoBuf Mapping Guidelins (Chris)
    • Draft for group review (Dec. 1 - 15)
  Andrea#5: OAM (Skip, Andrea not available)

#12: Entity Lifecycle: oimt2017.MB.001.01.entity-lifecycle.docx (Malcolm)

  • This document was discussed before Christmas. Malcolm has been updating the document. He expects the updated version will be ready for discussion next week
    • Action item - set agenda for next week.

#1: Controller (for TR-512.8)

  • Nigel presented the model sketch
  • Key artifacts: ControlComponent, ControlPort; ControlSystemView, ControlTask, UniversalOutputConstraintStructure; UserRole, ProviderRole,
    • New artifacts for v1.4 are shown in red color
  • ControlSystemView is a kind of ConstraintDomain
  • ControlComponent is a kind of ProcessingConstruct;
    • Has more details/specific with respect to the generic ProcessingConstruct
    • Involve another entity (the thing being controlled)
    • FC, C&SC, LTP, ...are functional components, kinds of ProcessingConstruct
  • ControlPort: Talk to it about
    • two roles: provider or user. Can have both on a ControlPort instance
    • two type of controls: sysn and asyn;
      • apply (act on): input constraint, output constraint
      • retrieve
    • Signal (notification) for Async
  • This model complements Chris' ProcessingConstruct model
IM-E Karthik

TAPI Termination point model 

Issues from TAPI 2.0 Review


Action Items