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  • 2017-11-30 OIMT Meeting Notes
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30 November 2017



  • Face-to-Face meeting feedback and action items
  • MEF liaison
  • TR-512 v1.4 topics
  • Ethernet OAM models
  • TAPI Termination point model

Discussion Items

 Nov. F2F meetingNigel/Kam
  • Final feedback and wrap up
  • Action items from the meeting
    • Kam and Nigel had run though the meeting minutes and extracted a list of possible work items.
    • The list was brief shared at the call.
    • Action Item - Nigel/Kam: To tune the list into action items.
  • Location for posting updated documents
    • Malcolm asked where to post the updated documents in the future (e.g., result from the action items)
    • One suggestion is one central repository. From where the documents can be linked by individual meetings
      • This suggestion needs further investigation so that to avoid future further move.
      • Action Item- Kam/Nigel: Check with Cassandra.
 MEF LiaisonNigel/Andrea

Nigel is drafting the text for a response. May take the opportunity of the f2f meeting next week to work off-line with Andrea and Kam for the response, although there is no explicit deadline for the response in the MEF liaison.

 v1.4 topicsChris

UML-Protobuf Mapping

  • Draft from Chris
    • AI - Kam: Create a child page in IISOMI for Protobuf mapping
    • AI - Kam: assign a ad hoc local number, post it for group review (start tomorrow, for two week)
  • Next steps to move forward
    • Team review
    • Liaise to ONOS/CORD
    • Code generator


  • Discussed with Chris on Control Component vs Processing Construct, (1) relate to management fragment TMF TR-225, (2) using CC activities to understand where the operation model,


  • No progress, still analyzing TAPI
  • Will discuss more next week

Entity Lifecycle

  • Updating as discuss in F2F, using pattern, aim at end of this week.
  • use the ad hoc doc number, post in the same directory for the F2F for this one.
  • Not ready for group review yet, but could be for discussion week after next week

v1.3.1 Layer examples

  • Xiang to send the A.5 latest figure and text to Nigel
IM-FEthernet OAM modelsKam

Touch point of G.8052.1 and IEEE 802 models


Analysis of IEEE 802 MEP/MIP/CFM YANG modules

  • Bernd presented the draft UML model re-engineered from the ieee802-dot1ag-cfm YANG module.

  • Findings (issues) occurring during re-engineering were discussed:

    • How to model YANG Built-In Type “bits”?
      --> No solution

    • How to model YANG Built-In Type “binary”?
      --> No solution

    • How to model simple typedefs?
      typedef mep-id-or-zero {
          type uint32 {
            range "0..8191";
      -->Solution: Like already defined in the UML to YANG mapping guidelines: Modeled via DataType with single attribute.

    • Different kinds of MAC address in ieee802-dot1ag-cfm.yang:
      type yang:mac-address
      type ieee:mac-address




      typedef mac-address {
          type string {
            pattern '[0-9a-fA-F]{2}(-[0-9a-fA-F]{2}){5}';
            "The mac-address type represents a MAC address in the canonical format and hexadecimal format specified by IEEE Std 802.
      The hexidecimal representation uses uppercase characters.";
            "IEEE 802-2014, Clauses 3.1, 8.1";

      typedef mac-address {
          type string {
              pattern '[0-9a-fA-F]{2}(:[0-9a-fA-F]{2}){5}';
          description "The mac-address type represents an IEEE 802 MAC address.
      The canonical representation uses lowercase characters.
      In the value set and its semantics, this type is equivalent to the MacAddress textual convention of the SMIv2.";
          reference "IEEE 802: IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture
      RFC 2579: Textual Conventions for SMIv2";

      --> No solution

  • Scott: The IEEE YANG modules are automatically converted from SNMP MIB and therefore an optimization may be required.
  • Scott: The IEEE OAM YANG modules are work in progress; this is the reason for temporary inconsistencies between ieee802-dot1ab-lldp.yang, ieee802-dot1q-bridge.yang and ieee802-dot1ag-cfm.yang.
 TR-512 v1.4 topicsAs in IM-D 
IM-ETAPI Termination Point modelAndrea 

Action Items